Blake Shelton Gushes Over Gwen Stefani’s Return To ‘The Voice,’ Possibly Disses Miley Cyrus Amid Quitting Rumors [Video]

Blake Shelton is gushing over girlfriend Gwen Stefani and her much-anticipated return to The Voice for Season 12 and possibly throwing a little shade Miley Cyrus’s way in the process.

As NBC previously announced, Gwen will be taking over Miley’s seat on Season 12 of the singing show set to debut later this year. Blake is now dishing on filming for the NBC series alongside Stefani in a new interview with CMT Hot 20 Countdown and admitting that Stefani has made the process exciting again.

“What I’m most excited about that Gwen is going to be back this season,” Blake told host Cody Alan when asked about his big return to The Voice, marking Shelton’s 12th consecutive season on the show alongside fellow veteran coach Adam Levine.

Although Shelton did not mention Cyrus by name in the new interview, Blake may have been throwing a slight diss at Miley amid reports of a feud, claiming that having Gwen take over Cyrus’s seat “brings a new level of competition” and an excitement to the show that was not there in Season 11.

“We were both nervous about how this is going to work,” Shelton said of Stefani’s return to The Voice alongside fellow returning coaches Adam and Alicia, “but it brings a new level of competition to the show.”

Shelton also appeared to allude to the rampant rumors he may not be returning to the show. He seemingly confessed in the CMT Hot 20 Countdown interview that a big reason as to why he decided to stay on for the upcoming season was because of Gwen, admitting that the process was becoming pretty stale prior to Stefani’s return.

“Just when you think, you know, 12 seasons in it kind of is what it is, it’s not anymore with her,” Shelton said of Stefani’s upcoming return to The Voice, where she’ll take over Miley’s chair.

“With her and I, we’re in this relationship, and it’s so exciting. It truly is,” Blake admitted.

Shelton’s Voice confessions come amid a whole lot of speculation suggesting Blake may not be back for another round of shows later this year, as sources have been claiming in recent months that Blake, Gwen, and Adam could all allegedly be quitting the show — even if for just one season.

The Voice: Blake Shelton, Carson Daly & Adam Levine

Radar Online alleged back in November that Levine, in particular, had supposedly not been getting along with Cyrus on The Voice, claiming at the time that Adam Levine “does not really want to return if they bring Miley back.” That occurred months before Blake Shelton publicly admitted this week that girlfriend Gwen Stefani is bringing back some excitement to the NBC show.

A Voice insider went on to add that “both Adam and Blake feel that they have run their course as judges” after appearing on what will be 12 seasons of the NBC singing series, alleging that Stefani could potentially join Shelton and Levine should they sit out the upcoming round of shows.

Blake has yet to comment on the rumors that he may be quitting The Voice, nor has he confirmed reports of a feud on the set. However, sources did claim last year that Shelton was so adamant on having Stefani return for Season 12 that he supposedly hinted to NBC bosses that he would not be willing to return for another season without her.

“Blake made it clear to the producers that he wanted Gwen by his side for the upcoming season,” a Shelton insider alleged to Radar Online at the time of Blake’s pleas to have Gwen back on The Voice. “It almost seemed like if [Stefani] did not return then neither would [Shelton].”

Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani

Radar Online also claimed last year that Cyrus supposedly “did not get along with the cast and the crew” amid feud rumors and even alleged that those behind the scenes offered Cyrus the position as a coach on Season 13 so as not to create an issue bringing Gwen back to sit beside Adam, Blake, and Alicia for the upcoming season.

“[The Voice producers] offered Miley the gig because they know it would keep her happy,” continued the Voice insider, alleging that producers knew that offering Cyrus a role on the cycle of shows set to premiere in the second half of 2017 “would not create any drama over being replaced by Gwen” amid reports of a feud brewing between the singer and Adam and Blake.

But while the quitting reports have not been confirmed by Shelton, Blake’s latest talk about The Voice and hints that he may quit the show rather than appear on another season without Stefani come amid a whole lot of speculation as to who could be forming the coaching panel for Season 13 should Adam, Blake, and Gwen quit.

While NBC have not yet commented on the rumors that Shelton, Stefani, and Levine may be quitting, a number of A-list names have already been thrown into the mix, with Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, and Jennifer Lopez’s names being bandied about as potential new coaches t potentially replace Shelton and his co-coaches.

What do you think of Blake Shelton’s latest Voice confessions about Gwen Stefani?

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