O’Keefe Video: Anti-Trump Group Denies Planning To Disrupt The ‘Deploraball’ With Stink Bombs

A new hidden-camera video from conservative muckraker James O’Keefe and his Project Veritas group purports to show anti-Trump activists planning to set off stink bombs at a pro-Trump inauguration event at the National Press Club on Thursday.

The D.C. Anti-Fascist Coalition, which apparently is part of the #DisruptJ20 umbrella organization that plans what it calls a festival of resistance on Inauguration Day for massive demonstrations to derail the ceremonies, says it was purposely feeding false information to O’Keefe’s undercover operative, however.

The Deploraball — which is a callback to Hillary Clinton’s famous “basket of deplorables” remark about Trump supporters — is an inaugural party on January 19, the night before Donald Trump is sworn in, for about 1,000 pro-Trump grassroots activists and social media luminaries who backed Trump for president.

At one point in the footage embedded below, an activist discusses allegedly deploying a pint of butyric acid (a.k.a. stink bombs) into the HVAC system of the National Press Club during the party. Triggering the venue’s fire alarm sprinkler systems to send the Deploraball attendees out into the freezing cold is another scheme that the activists allegedly consider on the O’Keefe Project Veritas undercover video.

“In a Monday post, #DisruptJ20 dismissed the Project Veritas video, saying founder and president James O’Keefe ‘likes to hire sad aspiring actors to go undercover to get video of leftists in order to chop up the film to make up a news story. Hilariously enough, we have nothing to hide,’” the Washington Times detailed.

“They met with the Project Veritas filmer at Comet Ping Pong as a nod to the Pizzagate conspiracy theories and decided the stink bomb plan would be funny. The group said those plans were false and did not reveal their actual plans, which they say are non-violent demonstrations,” #Disrupt20 indicated in a statement, according to the Washington Examiner.

Although the video embedded below is a six-minute clip, James O’Keefe claims that he has turned over the raw footage to law enforcement authorities. O’Keefe also says that there are more videos coming about far-left activists and their plans for the Trump inauguration.

“It’s worth noting that the videos are heavily edited, making it unclear whether the operatives came up with the idea for the stink bombs on their own or if they were prompted into discussing the plan,” The Daily Caller observed. “A separate O’Keefe operation aimed at other left wing groups was recently exposed in a countersting operation.”

Deploraball organizers say that have beefed-up security for the gala to prevent party crashers of any kind, and only valid ticket-holders will be admitted.

Watch the new Project Veritas undercover video and draw your own conclusions.

Although O’Keefe has plenty of detractors for this particular brand of journalism or political pranks, and he has repeatedly been accused of selective editing, his Project Veritas team, which mostly specializes in undercover videos, has done its share of investigative reporting, including vote fraud in the run-up to election 2016 as well as rampant political correctness on campus. O’Keefe made headlines and prompted several resignations during the election season with several videos purporting to show Democrat operatives discussing plans for inciting violence at Trump rallies.

You may recall that a prior O’Keefe video showed someone wearing an Osama bin Laden mask could walk across the southern border undetected, and also how a man wearing an ISIS uniform could cross by boat from Canada to the U.S. without being stopped.

Almost exactly a year ago, Project Veritas released two hidden camera videos exposing Common Core, according to O’Keefe, as a money grab.

In 2010, the conservative filmmaker pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor for a failed stunt at ex-U.S. Senator Mary Landrieu’s office in New Orleans.

“Just to be clear, we don’t have a problem with people protesting peacefully or voicing their First Amendment rights; that’s protected by the Constitution. But in this case, #DisruptJ20 says openly that their plan is to shut down the inauguration. The question is: Where do these people draw the line?,” James O’Keefe wonders on the new video.

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[Featured Image by Bill Haber/AP Images]