John Lewis Gets An Earful From 'Diamond' And 'Silk' About Trump [Video]

Robert Jonathan

Congressman John Lewis, the respected civil rights pioneer, is "dead wrong" about President-elect Donald Trump, according to YouTube stars "Diamond" and "Silk."

North Carolina sisters Lynette "Diamond" Hardaway and Rochelle "Silk" Richardson," perhaps the most loyal fans of the PEOTUS on social media, have also appeared at several campaign rallies and made numerous cable news channel appearances as advocates for Trump.

In an interview on NBC Meet the Press, Rep. Lewis claimed that Trump is not a legitimate president and that Russia helped sabotage the Hillary Clinton campaign. Trump fired back on Twitter, accusing Lewis, a Democrat who has represented Georgia's 5th Congressional District in the Atlanta area since 1987, as another all-talk, no-action politician, one of Trump's familiar refrains from the campaign about lawmakers from both parties. The tweet ignited yet another controversy.

Diamond and Silk emerged in a big way on social media after they cut a feisty viral video blasting former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for, in their view, trying to destroy Donald Trump's presidential campaign by accusing him of misogyny during the August 2015 GOP debate. Kelly should instead report news for Sesame Street, they quipped in the video uploaded the day after the August 6 Republican candidate forum that was seen by a record-setting 24 million cable viewers. "Leave Donald Trump the hell alone; if you've got something to say, run it by us first," the sisters satirically demanded of Megyn Kelly.

On their YouTube channel which gained a lot of traction after the Kelly video, Diamond and Silk also promoted an effort encouraging Democrats like themselves to "ditch and switch," i.e, change parties (in those states where it was necessary) to vote for Trump in the primary and obviously in the general election.

In the new footage (watch the entire clip below for the full context), Diamond and Silk -- with Silk raising her signature goblet that contains a different color liquid in each video -- declared that Lewis is seeking to put his own agenda ahead of the agenda of the American voters who elected Trump. In so doing, Lewis is delegitimizing the voters, they claimed.

"With all due respect, Congressman John Lewis, we know you are a civil rights icon. You marched with Dr. Martin Luther King....We know you've done all of these things, and we respect that about you. But what you've got to understand is that...the American people gave [Obama] eight years, and it is sad that you give President-elect Trump eight minutes without trying to throw him under the bus...This isn't about black, white, or pinstripes. This is about we, the American people, and who we voted for. We voted for Donald J. Trump. And by you speaking that you are looking at his presidency as not being legitimate—what are you saying to 'we the people'?...if you can't work for the next president that's about to come in, and you want to delegitimize his candidacy, here's what you do: Come January the 20th, going to have a moving truck right there in front of the White House. How about you pack up your office, and you go there and catch a ride with him?"

In October 2008, Politico reported at the time, John Lewis compared to John McCain and Sarah Palin, the GOP presidential and vice presidential candidates, respectively, to segregationist former Alabama Governor George Wallace, a Democrat who unsuccessfully sought his party's nomination for president in several cycles and later ran in the 1968 general election on a third-party ticket. John Lewis also boycotted George W. Bush's 2001 swearing-in ceremony.

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