Super Bowl 2017 Tickets: Lowered Prices After Dallas Loss To Green Bay

The price of Super Bowl 2017 tickets has gone down thanks to the Dallas Cowboys loss to the Green Bay Packers, a report by ESPN has indicated.

Don’t get too excited, however, because costs are still in the thousands, with the cheapest ticket valued at $3,349 at the time of this writing.

Aaron Rodgers ready to throw

According to the report, it took only a matter of minutes following the Dallas defeat for the cost of the lowest-priced Super Bowl 2017 tickets to drop by $846, equal to an approximately 20 percent decrease in value.

Sellers of Super Bowl 2017 tickets had been scoring a nice profit before the Dallas-Green Bay game, as NFL fans, especially those living in Texas, were hoping the Cowboys would achieve victory over the Packers and their star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers.

As Super Bowl 2017 will be taking place inside NRG Stadium located in Houston, Texas, the close proximity was boosting ticket sales.

Super Bowl 2017 NRG Stadium in Houston

One ticket dealer, Patrick Ryan of Eventellect, said, “The threat of the Cowboys playing in a Super Bowl within a four-hour drive of their home stadium was propping up get-in ticket prices to unprecedented levels.”

In short, Dallas supporters weren’t going to pass up the opportunity, even in the face of dubiety, to see their beloved team in the flesh gracing the field on February 5.

If Dallas would have been able to pull off a win against Green Bay, the Cowboys would have been one step closer to competing in their first Super Bowl in over 20 years.

The last time Dallas played in the Super Bowl was in 1996, when the Cowboys faced the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XXX and achieved victory. The final score was 27-17, according to the Pro Football Reference website.

What went wrong on Sunday? How did Dallas get their hope of playing in Super Bowl 2017 snatched away?

If you didn’t watch the Cowboys-Packers game or read about it afterwards, it was a nail-biter that went down to the wire. A field goal kicked by Green Bay during the final seconds turned a 31-31 tie into a 34-31 victory for the Packers, as reported by the Inquisitr.

“With the game tied at 28 and just over four minutes remaining in regulation, three field goals were kicked before it was all said and done. The final kick, with just three seconds remaining on the clock, put Green Bay on their way to Atlanta and put an end to the Dallas Cowboys’ post-season.”

Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott, who just completed his first NFL season, went up against Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, who in 2005 was drafted as the 24th pick in the first round by the Packers. Rodgers became Green Bay’s starting QB beginning in 2008, proving to football fans across America that he had the potential to be even better than his predecessor, Brett Favre.

Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott shifts back to throw

Rodgers has been a Super Bowl winner before. In 2011, the Packers defeated the same team Dallas beat in their last Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers, during Super Bowl XLV. Ironically enough, that first Rodgers championship victory game took place inside the stadium the Cowboys call home, AT&T stadium.

Next week, the Packers (No. 4 ranked) will be traveling to Atlanta to take on the Falcons (No. 2), and the Steelers (No. 3) will be facing Tom Brady and the New England Patriots (No. 1) at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. The winners of these two games will compete in Super Bowl LI in Houston on February 5.

As far as Super Bowl 2017 tickets, if you’d like to be able to purchase specific seats of your choosing, you’d have to visit On Location Experiences, a company half-owned by NFL elites, though sources indicate that this vendor’s Super Bowl 2017 ticket prices have yet to drop in response to the Dallas loss, so it might be something to keep an eye on.

It’s being speculated that Patriots and Packers fans are the most likely to splurge on a last minute trip to Houston, which could possibly cause ticket prices to level out.

Super Bowl 2017 tickets may go further down still, depending upon which teams achieve victory this coming Sunday. If you’re interested in possibly attending the big game, it may be worth waiting until the teams playing in Super Bowl LI are revealed.

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