‘Bones’ Episode 805: ‘The Method In The Madness’ Recap

Bones episode 805 “The Method in the Madness,” had the Jeffersonian team visiting an artisan village to discover who murdered an organic apple sauce maker.

It was great to see my favorite intern, Colin Fisher (Joel David Moore: Avatar, Dodgeball, Hatchet), in this week’s episode. His deliciously depressing attitude was absolutely hilarious.

The back and forth between he and Brennan was fantastic, especially the scene where they’re comparing knife marks on their victims bones. The two didn’t skip a beat, and their lines were delivered in almost rhythmic precision.

Sweets is still recovering from his break up with Daisy. Booth finds him sleeping in his office. He’s been crashing there for two weeks now while he gets over the split.

Feeling sorry for him, Booth offers to have Sweets come stay with him and Brennan. He assumes that, after only a couple of days, Brennan will get tired of Sweets’ “psychobabble” and wear out his welcome.

What he doesn’t anticipate is that Sweets and Brennan will get along so well that his house becomes a permanent slumber party.

Bones Episode 805 Method in the Madness

The case this week involved hunting for the killer of an organic apple sauce entrepreneur. Their victim has immersed herself in the artisan village around her and resorted to hooking on the side to make ends meet.

Their suspect list ranges from a creepy, possible-stalker butcher to an old-time doctor with a weird fascination with Jack the Ripper. But like most episodes of Bones, the real culprit might be someone they haven’t suspected.

Make sure not to miss the opening scene for some fantastic gore effects. The work on this show has made it one of the best places on television for “gore heads” like me to get a weekly fix while they get over the latest episode of The Walking Dead.

Bones Episode 805 Method in the Madness

What did you think of Bones episode 805, “The Method in the “Madness”? Were you laughing at the Brennan/Sweets dance off like I was, or is Bones starting to show its age?