'Avengers: Infinity War: Part 1 And 2' Movie Info Leaked -- Thanos Has 'Loyal Followers' And Peter Dinklage Role Revealed? [Rumors]

Avengers: Infinity War, now considered a separate, stand-alone film, is rumored to be casting for the follow up film. They are also being filmed back-to-back. Director Joe Russo explained last year that he wanted the first Infinity War movie to be "very different and distinctive," according to Screen Crush.

"We wanted the movie to be very different and distinctive, you know. There's certainly cross-pollination between characters and some story-arcs, but you know, the first movie is very clearly Avengers: Infinity War and, in time, we will reveal what the second film is."
This looks to be a pretty interesting line-up as Marvel Studios continues its trek through phase three. The following information, though considered rumor at this time, may be considered spoiler territory if you read on. You have been forewarned.

Jane Foster And Pepper Potts' Whereabouts

There is some news regarding these two big screen actresses. Both Iron Man's Pepper Potts and Thor's Jane Foster are said to be making a return, regardless of Gwyneth Paltrow and Jackie's Natalie Portman's already-fulfilled contracts. According to the rumors, their return as cameos is intended to be a gesture of good will.

There will be no renegotiation of their contracts.

Paltrow did say she'd "be open to more Pepper," according to Bustle, and mentioned that she "loved working with Robert." She also acknowledged it to be a "great franchise." With that said, it seems her enthusiasm about returning to the MCU does make this rumor rather strong.

Natalie Portman's involvement in Avengers: Infinity War is unknown beyond the aforementioned cameo note, but she had spoken with the Wall Street Journal regarding her future projects and the subject of working with Marvel Studios came up.

"As far as I know, I'm done. I don't know if, maybe, one day they'll ask for an Avengers 7 or whatever. I have no idea! But as far as I know I'm done."
With Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 on the list, she's about half way there in her comment. Also, according to the rumor, "all mainline heroes from the MCU are expected to make appearances."

Outside of Pepper and Jane, other notable characters of consequence that will also be included are rumored to be Peggy Carter, Thaddeus Ross, Maria Hill, Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne, Quicksilver, Wong, Zuri, Loki, and Odin.

Who Will Portray Lady Death?

There had been rumors going around in the past regarding Hela, the Asgardian ruler of Hel and Niffleheim in the comics. She was speculated to be Thanos' eye of affection in lieu of the comic book's version of Lady Death, but this new rumor has Eva Green in "final talks" to be playing Lady Death. IGN considered her to be a decent candidate, mainly because of her "commanding performance and sex appeal."

The Man Behind The Infinity Gauntlet?

This is where it gets interesting. It was recently announced that Peter Dinklage has been "in talks" for Avengers: Infinity War. Now comes the role that he's rumored to be in talks for, according to the 4chan leak.
"Casting is underway for Eitri, 'the creator of the Infinity Gauntlet'. Peter Dinklage is in negotiations for this role."
In the comics, Eitri is a forger of powerful weapons, so it would make sense that he would be the inventor of the Infinity Gauntlet. Dinklage also played Simon Trask, the inventor of the Sentinels in X-Men: Days of Future Past.

The Loyal Followers Of Thanos

The Avengers: Infinity War casting is said to be underway for Thanos' most trusted advisors.

First you have Thanos' "right hand man" Corvus. There is a Corvus Glaive in the comics who is a vicious character and a spokesperson for Thanos in recent comics.

The remaining were touted as loyal followers of Thanos.

Nox and Ican, also known as Black Dwarf and Super Giant, respectively, are said to have "casting underway," along with Proxima and Ebony. All of these characters are said to "require substantial prosthetics/mocap."

Avengers: Infinity War looks to be chock full of characters and it would take quite a cast to fill an entire screen of credits. The first movie is slated for May 4, 2018 and the still-unnamed sequel is scheduled for May 3, 2019.

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