Cops: Florida Man Pretended To Be Wife On Facebook After Killing Her

A Florida man has been arrested after authorities say he murdered his wife. However, that’s not the only detail attracting attention in this bizarre case. KFOR News reports that 42-year-old George McShane took to bizarre measures in his attempt to cover up the alleged murder of his wife.

Authorities say the Florida man strangled his wife to death during a domestic altercation, which began with an argument. The police report says that, during the argument, George McShane pounced on 30-year-old Kristen McShane. At that point, he reportedly began to choke her. After his wife died, he allegedly started trying to cover up this crime. Detectives say he took to Facebook, using his wife’s account, in order to deter people from calling her. He posted, as her, the following:

“I can’t believe I dropped my phone in the toilet. I’m such an idiot. Message me here til I can get it fixed.”

Nonetheless, loved ones of the slain Florida woman still felt that something was amiss. Authorities in Orlando were alerted to the residence shared by the couple, which is where they discovered two shocking scenes. First, they found the 42-year-old Florida man in his garage. He was sitting in his car, with the motor running.

Upon searching the home, authorities discovered the deceased body of Kristen McShane lying in the couple’s bed. Authorities say that George McShane has confessed to killing his wife.

Sadly, this isn’t the first time social media has played a role in a violent crime. In 2013, another Florida man made headlines when he posted a photo of his murdered wife’s body after he had shot her to death. Derek Medina was ultimately convicted of his wife’s murder. CBS News reports that the man dubbed as the “Facebook Killer” will spend the rest of his life in prison.

In 2015, a woman name Gypsy Blancharde reportedly stabbed her own mother to death. She then took to Facebook to post an explicit message declaring that her mother was killed. Ultimately, the disabled woman was sentenced to just about a decade of imprisonment.

Toward the end of 2016, an Oklahoma man was sought by authorities on suspicion that he had killed his aunt, uncle, and at least three other people. People reports that Michael Dale Vance used Facebook to livestream some of his activity while on the run from police. Ultimately, Michael D. Vance died during a police standoff, after approximately a week of evading capture.

As for this latest case, police have charged George McShane with domestic battery by strangulation and second-degree murder. The Florida man is currently being held without bond at Orange County Jail. No reports are clarifying, at this time, what the couple argued about before the violent incident that ended in Kristen’s death.

[Featured Image by Jakraphong Photography/Shutterstock]