Carrie Fisher News Update: Disney Wants More Of Princess Leia

The latest on the Carrie Fisher news update suggest that Disney is in negotiations with the late actress' estate to feature her epic Star Wars character in future films.

Carrie Fisher died on December 27, 2016 from a massive heart attack. She was coming back to LA from London when a few minutes before the plane landed flight attendants said that she suddenly stopped breathing.

Fisher was immediately rushed to a hospital but doctors said that her condition was critical. She spent four days in the ICU of the UCLA Medical Center and on Dec. 27 her life finally expired.

Fans mourned the loss of one of the most iconic actresses in Hollywood and a lot of her followers wondered how her death will affect the future of the Star Wars franchise.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the latest on the Carrie Fisher news update indicate that the people behind the production of Star Wars Episode IX are getting together to figure out how to move forward now that Princess Leia is gone.

Wax statue of Princess Leia
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Reports say that Fisher was able to finish her scenes for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VIII but according to THR the late actress was supposed to appear as well in the concluding installment in the new trilogy.

The Hollywood Reporter said that Fisher is supposed to be featured in two significant scenes in the upcoming Star Wars movies. The first scene is when she reunites with Mark Hamill because in the script Luke (Hamill) is going to see his sister, Leia, once more.

The other scene is when her character confronts Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) who happens to be Leia's son.

Now they didn't say if Fisher's scenes in Star Wars Episode VIII will feature Luke and Leia's reunion or her confrontation with Kylo Ren or both, but insiders are saying that Fisher was supposed to play a big part in Star Wars Episode IX.

So now, the producers behind the third installment are getting together and trying to figure out what to do with the final episode now that Carrie Fisher is no longer with us.

But it seems that Disney has already found a way.

BBC Newsnight'sreport, courtesy of iO9, said that the latest in Carrie Fisher news say that Disney is in negotiations with the late actress' estate to keep on featuring her, or at least Princess Leia, in future installments to the Star Wars franchise.

Kirsty Wark, a reporter from BBC Newsnight, said that Disney wants to use Fisher's digital likeness so that she can keep on appearing as Princess Leia in any upcoming Star Wars film.

Wark also said that if Disney secures the rights to Fisher's likeness they'll be able to do what the producers behind Rogue One did with Peter Cushing. Cushing played Grand Moff Tarkin in Star Wars: A New Hope and he is featured once more in Rogue One, which is a direct prequel to the first installment to the epic saga.

Peter Cushing
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But Cushing died in 1994 due to complications brought about by his prostate cancer, and yet director Gareth Edwards was able to feature the villainous Tarkin in Rogue One all thanks to digital technology.

According to Radio Times, Edwards and the production behind Rogue One cast an actor who had the same build as Peter Cushing. They employed Guy Henry who prior to taking on the likeness of Peter Cushing starred in the British medical drama, Holby City, as Henrik Hanssen.

Henry played out the part of Grand Moff Tarkin and with the help of digital technology Edwards and his digital effects team superimposed Peter Cushing's face onto the film in post-production.

It seems that that is what Disney might be after now that they're scrambling to secure the rights to Carrie Fisher's likeness. Although, iO9 is careful to suggest that for now Disney is just negotiating with Carrie Fisher's estate and nothing's set in stone yet.

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