Michelle Williams And Jason Segel Safe After Hurricane Sandy, Says Friend Busy Philipps

Sounds like Michelle Williams and boyfriend Jason Segel are safe and sound after Hurricane Sandy hit their Brooklyn neighborhood of Red Hook.

Busy Philipps, friend of both Segel and Williams confirmed that although their new 19- century Red Hook home took a beating in the storm, the couple is well. E! news caught up with the matchmaker and mutual friend Philipps on Saturday at the baby2baby gala in Los Angeles where she confirmed the news, “I talked to her today and they were spared.” The actress continued, “Everyone is safe. Everything’s OK.”

It was reported that the couple and Williams’ daughter Matilda Ledger were forced to evacuate their new home, like many residents of Brooklyn who suffered extensive damage to their homes during Hurricane Sandy. The couple had just moved into their 19th-century coffee warehouse just a few months ago before Sandy hit the surrounding area and parts of the building, including a supermarket on the first floor. No word on whether or not their place was damaged but it’s obvious the building is not livable. According to People, their home sits on top of the Fairway market that was damaged within the industrial area.

Throughout the week FEMA has been helping with the relief in the tri-state area and the surrounding areas that were hit hard. Dump trucks arrived to the Fairway supermarket in Michelle and Jason’s Red Hook area where items from the damaged market were thrown out.

Once word got out about Segel and Williams’ lovenest it was speculated whether or not Williams had finally put the Brooklyn brownstone apartment in Boreum Hill she purchased with Heath Ledger on the market. When she originally bought it with the late actor the pair paid $3.6 million in 2005.