Biden Says Romney-Ryan Are Playing ‘Con Game’ Ahead Of Voting

Vice President Joe Biden did not mince words on Sunday afternoon when he told an Ohio crowd that Governor Mitt Romney and Representative Paul Ryan were running a “con game” on voters. According to Biden, the men are trying to convince undecided voters that they are moderates rather than right wing Republicans.

In his address, Biden called both men “liars” who “don’t have much character at all.”

Speaking in Lakewood, Ohio, Vice President Biden said Romney has been “changing his positions” on tax cuts, Iraq, and others issues. Biden says Romney’s original stance on those issues shows him to be a conservative Republican.

In backing up his “liars” claim, Biden specifically went after Romney’s recent Jeep ad which claims that President Obama wanted American automobile jobs to leave the United States. Biden said the ad was “the most cynical play I’ve seen. It’s not just a lie, but it goes to character. They don’t have much character at all.’’

Vice President Biden is no stranger to his own off-hand remarks. You may recall that back in August he told a group of African American supporters that Mitt Romney wants to “put you all back in chains.”

Biden isn’t exactly an innocent victim of the 2012 election cycle. The National Review recently accused Biden of wantonly lying during his Vice Presidential debate with Paul Ryan.

With one day until voters take to the polls en masse, we can probably expected to see plenty of additional lies and attack motivated speeches from both sides of the political spectrum.