UFO News: New Jersey Witness Photographs Surreal ‘Sky Snake’ UFO

Today UFO news is focused on Shamong, New Jersey, as a certified Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) investigator took photos and videos of a snake-like UFO and included them in her report to MUFON. Readers can find the raw report photos included in the MUFON filing, with the most compelling photo of this UFO showing a snake-like string of light in the sky. As a trained investigator, this witness provides excellent data for further study and includes information related to this phenomenon occurring previously.

The witness states that the first appearance of the UFO was in the form of a bright, cross-shaped star, but that quickly changed when the witness realized it was a UFO.

The New Jersey witness had two hours to photograph the ‘Sky Snake’ UFO. [Image by dennisvdw/Thinkstock]

“I immediately retrieved my cell phone and nikon digital camera. with a clear view of this anomaly, and while holding the cameras steady, over the course of two hours, i was able to capture 44 still digital pictures and several good videos. the anomaly remained at the time i went inside my home.

“over the past two years, i have observed, recorded, and reported similar anomalies in this same south/southeast area of the night sky. close ups reveal a multi-colored “chain” or tube like anomaly that moves at random and appears to morph as quickly as digital photos can be taken. digital video shows a bright blue orb type anomaly, quickly moving about while appearing brighter or dimmer at random (possibly due to rapidly changing its distance from the observer).”

The witness also notes that the very same UFO anomaly occurred two years prior to the exact date of this anomaly. Some readers will remember a Missouri sighting in December’s UFO news in which the witness described a “translucent” object that behaved like a snake passing along a tree line. Without photos, news speculation at that time centered on possible UFO cloaking technology, but if these two sky-snake UFOs are the same phenomenon, questions arise about how or why they are illuminated.


In both of the sightings, the witnesses refer to a snake-like UFO. The New Jersey witness confirms the slow movement of this UFO, which matches nicely with the Missouri UFO sighting in the news. The difference is the color, or lack thereof, in the Missouri news case. So investigators have some data points to compare to determine what is being seen.

However, the New Jersey sky snake brings up several tantalizing possibilities. Statistically, the odds of alien technology resembling earth technology are tiny. The more alien, or bizarre, the evidence appears, the more likely that it could be alien. That makes this a tantalizing sighting on its own, but there are other fascinating aspects to this case.

First, snake-like lights in the sky are not a new phenomenon. In fact, many ancient astronaut enthusiasts would immediately recognize a neat fit for this imagery. Does the snake-like UFO explain the myths of dragons flying in the sky? Looking at the photos of this UFO, one could easily see where a less technologically literate iteration of civilization could construe a paranormal explanation.

Could sky snake UFO sightings account for dragon mythology? [Image by Doring Kindersly/Thinkstock]

As always, this UFO news begs practical questions as well. While the images are startling, they are without scale, so there is no real way to determine how far away the UFO was. Also, is there a more mundane terrestrial explanation that could explain the event? Could it be a drone or some other kind of lighted toy? The images cannot determine that.

What is known for certain is that a trained investigator filed the report and had over two hours to observe the UFO. For clarity, the investigator does not call it a UFO, but rather an anomaly. It is altogether possible that this is just an anomaly. For UFO researchers, it presents a bizarre and exciting possibility that will most likely be in the news again.

[Featured Image by 4maksym/Thinkstock]

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