Kirk Douglas On Zsa Zsa Gabor, And Why Michael Douglas’ Son Wasn’t At His 100th Birthday

Kirk Douglas was devastated by the tragic death of his old friend Zsa Zsa Gabor, who recently passed away at 99-years-old. According to Radar Online, Douglas described Gabor as a “wonderful and beautiful” woman.

Kirk Douglas, who is a true Hollywood legend in every sense of the word, turned 100 on December 9, and the two superstars were planning to celebrate together when Gabor reached the magic 100-mark in February. From his Los Angeles home, Douglas paid tribute to his long-time friend.

Kirk Douglas’s 100th birthday was celebrated in true Hollywood style, with his A-list family and friends arriving at the Beverly Hills hotel to help the veteran actor and his family celebrate his special day. Besides Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and their two children, celebrities attending included Arthur Cohn, Stephen Spielberg, and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Hello Magazine reported that more than 100 guests sat at tables named after some of Douglas’s favorite films, while the Douglas family sat at the Lonely Are the Brave table, a 1962 movie starring Kirk Douglas.

Celebration speeches in honor of the very popular and successful actor were led by Michael Douglas, who praised his father by saying that he owed much of his success to his father. He added that his father often asked what kind of father he had been.

“Dad, you are an amazing, amazing father.”

Michael Douglas also praised his stepmother, Anne, who, according to Douglas, has been a very special stepmother to him since 1954. Anne responded in like, praising Michael for being there when needed the most.

Proving that he hasn’t lost his sense of humor, Kirk Douglas joked his way through the celebrations, while his cardiologist was happy to provide the guest of honor with a birthday drink — a glass of vodka — which he promised the actor a long time ago when he was forbidden.

Perhaps the only cloud over the day was the fact that Cameron Douglas, Kirk Douglas’ grandson, was unable to attend his grandfather’s birthday bash. Page Six reported that Cameron was still on parole and was not allowed to leave New York. Michael Douglas’ son was convicted on drug charges and released from prison last year after serving almost seven years, and even though a special request was put forward that he be allowed to tend his grandfather’s 100th birthday, the request was refused by his parole officer.

It appears, though, that life is improving for Cameron Douglas. He is keeping himself occupied working on his book, which is already reportedly already 50 percent completed. Sources say the book reveals anecdotes about the difficulties he faced growing up in Hollywood, including his battle with drugs, and life as he experienced it in solitary confinement between the years 2012 and 2014.

Kirk Douglas is perhaps best-known for his starring role in the 1960 movie Spartacus, an epic movie described by one critic as “the story of a slave who lived before Christ and led a slave rebellion against the entire Roman Empire.” Douglas’ co-stars in Spartacus included Laurence Olivier, Jean Simmons, Charles Lawton, and Peter Ustinov, and the movie was directed by Stanley Kubrick.

What many people may not know about Kirk Douglas is that, according to Deadline, in the making of Spartacus, Douglas hired blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo to write the film, challenging the then-practice of blacklisting Hollywood stars over their assumed communist leanings. Because of this, Trumbo was able to continue writing screenplays, eventually receiving the credit he deserved for his work.

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