Mass Mobster Whitey Bulger Hospitalized

The notorious mobster James “Whitey” Bulger was hospitalized early Sunday morning after being taken to the emergency room by ambulance.

Bulger was taken from the Plymouth House of Corrections around 2 am on Sunday by an ambulance stationed at the Plymouth Fire Headquarters, reports NBC News.

The 83-year-old mobster was complaining of chest pains, although is is reported that his condition is not life- threatening. Whitey Bulger was indicted in 1994 after being linked to 19 murders. He was running from police, along with his longtime girlfriend Gatherine Gregg, for 16 years.

Whitey Bulger’s hospitalization, depending on what his condition is, could cause a delay in his trial, which is set to begin in March. The mobster’s lawyers have already asked that the trial be moved to November 2013 because they are in the middle of reviewing more than 300,000 documents, which were turned over by prosecutors, notes Fox News.


In the court filing, Bulger’s lawyers assert that the current March trial date infringes on the mobster’s constitutional rights to both effective counsel and due process.

Whitey Bulger and his girlfriend were captured in Santa Monica, California last year after 16 years on the run. Bulger’s defense has said that the mobster was an FBI informant who had immunity to commit crimes while he was providing information about the Mafia, which was his gang’s main rival. The prosecution, however, contends the claim, saying that he never had immunity.

It is not known when Whitey Bulger will be released from the hospital.