Jada Pinkett Smith And Willow Work Together To Fight Sex Trafficking

Jada Pinkett Smith, the accomplished actress, mother, and wife of Will Smith, is a multitalented American celebrity who has proved her skills in the fields of acting, music, dancing, and business. She has also been recognized for her humanitarian work, focusing mainly on empowering women and campaigning against sex-trafficking.

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GEMS, Girl’s Empowerment and Mentoring Services, honored Pinkett Smith’s work by awarding her the Love Revolution Award. The Scream 2 actress is the mother of Jaden and Willow Smith and, as the mother of two children, she’s very sensitive about the issue of sex-trafficking where teenage girls are forced into prostitution. The statistics related to human trafficking are startling and show that 40 per cent of the 100,000-300,000 victims of sex-trafficking are black Americans.

At the event, the Love Revolution Gala gave Jada Pinkett Smith the opportunity to discuss her thoughts and opinions about this shocking issue. According to Ebony, Jada Pinkett Smith said she decided to become a sex-trafficking activist when her daughter made her aware of the social problem.

“Willow brought this to my attention. She saw a documentary and started to do more research on it. She brought me in and said, ‘Mom you won’t believe this but there are girls being trafficked in the United States that are my age.’”

Jada Pinkett Smith credits her activist grandmother with inspiring her to become an activist. Her grandmother was a community activist who motivated not only the Bad Moms star but the rest of her family to become involved in social issues.

In her personal life, Jada Pinkett Smith has been a very responsible parent and has interacted with her children in such a way that they’ve always understood the important issues surrounding them. While dealing with the problem of sex-trafficking in the United States, Jada Pinkett Smith described to her daughter the real issues plaguing her country, and she had no hesitation in exposing Willow to the brutalities of this social tragedy.

In fact, the mother and the daughter teamed together to research the issue and determine the actual statistics regarding sex-trafficking. The Jason’s Lyric actress and her husband Will Smith treat Jade and Willow as adults and have always explained the realities of life to them. By all accounts, Jada Pinkett Smith has been a true friend to her daughter and made her aware of facts all girls should understand at the beginning of puberty.

Today, Jaden and Willow are 18-years-old and 16-years-old respectively, and both have expressed gratitude to their parents for raising them in this manner. According to Too Fab, Jada Pinkett Smith spoke about how happy she felt when her children thanked her for the way she parented them.

“One of the happiest moments for me as a mom, I guess as my kids have grown and become teenagers, they all at some point thanked myself and Will [Smith] for how we’ve raised them and everything that we allowed them to do.”

Jada Pinkett Smith described her approach to parenting to the Huffington Post, noting that the first step in being a good parent is to release your ideas of perfectionism and judgment “in order for your kids to just develop in a healthy way.”

“… being supportive of your children and allowing them to self-actualize and become who they think they should be versus who we as parents want them to be.”

As an actor, Jada Pinkett Smith has played characters entirely different from her real-life persona. She recently played the role of the perfect mother in Bad Moms, where she was a member of the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). The movie was about three frustrated women who decide to override their usual responsibilities and go out and enjoy life.

Mila Kunis, Kathryn Hahn, and Kristen Bell played overworked mothers who choose to confront the so-called perfect mothers of the PTA by redefining the way the association works. Eventually, the two sides battle it out in a hilarious way, and Jada Pinkett Smith’s character realizes that she had been wrong the whole time. According to Bustle, the Magic Mike XXL actress spoke about the fun she had while working with an all-female ensemble.

“I’ve been lucky in my career to be able to work in female ensembles. I always find it to be a joy. The triad [Jada Pinkett Smith, Christina Applegate, and Annie Mumolo] was a lot of fun. We would be talking about our lives, families, all kinds of things, all day long.”

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