Ben Affleck: Star Praises Garner As ‘Greatest Mom’ And His Brother Casey For His Win, Amid Relationship Rumors

The media circus surrounding Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner has finally simmered over the past few months. The media and fans of the former couple were adamant to determine what the real relationship status was between the two, as it seemed people were refusing to believe that they were actually heading for divorce. A family trip to Paris last winter was enough to get the hopes up of many that Ben and Jen would find their way back to a solid marriage and never finalize their divorce.

This appears, however, nearly one year later, not to be the case. Affleck and Garner are still separated and heading for a permanent split, despite remaining amicable and co-parenting their three children.

Affleck recently visited Ellen DeGeneres on her hit daytime talk show and shared a few details about his little ones and their star mommy. Of course Ben had nothing but praise for the mother of his children. He mentioned Jen when sharing that as adorable as his children are, when they misbehave, not even Jen has got it all figured out, despite being an amazing mother. Entertainment Tonight relays the actor’s words about his brood.

“I have the world’s greatest mom [for my kids], but even she cannot conquer the obstacles there.”

Affleck also spoke about his own admiration for Taylor Swift, since his kids, Violet, 11; Seraphina, 8; and Sam, 4, became big fans of the singer/songwriter. Although he sees Swift as a great role model, he struggled to even name three of her songs when Ellen put him on the spot.

“Uh.. 1989? I Still Love You? The John Mayer Thing? Come on! She’s amazing. I love Taylor Swift. I’m blanking,” he admitted.

Ben went on to share about his view of the “Blank Space” singer, stating “Taylor Swift is great, by the way. She’s a great role model!” Affleck then continued to note that he’s got the “tween” thing figured out.

“I’ve become an expert on the tweens. I don’t know how much Radio Disney you listen to, but I hear quite a bit. When we get in the car, it’s got to come on right away. It’s got to stay on the whole time. I hear a lot about the romantic adventures of Disney characters who are on the Disney Channel, and we go to Taylor Swift concerts. And that’s my life.”

Affleck also shared about his excitement for his younger brother’s win at the Golden Globes on Sunday night. Casey Affleck, also a notable actor and director like his big brother, took home the award while Ben’s kids tuned in to see Uncle Casey. The actor recounted the nervousness he felt and the reaction of his children when Casey won Best Actor for the film Manchester By The Sea.

“I was more nervous for him than I ever have been for myself. My kids stayed up to watch it. I went home today and I asked my 4-year-old, ‘Sam, did you see Uncle Casey up there? Did you see what happened?’ And he said, ‘The man said Casey Affleck!’”

When stopping by Entertainment Tonight to chat about what the experience of witnessing his brother‘s win meant to him, he shared a heartwarming response.

“The overwhelming sense I had last night, watching my brother win, and believing in him for so long and knowing how talented he is… it was the most memorable experience in my life. I’m thrilled. I wish him the best, but already what he’s done is amazing.”

Ben was also present at the awards ceremony for his film Live By Night which premieres this week. The star and his estranged wife Jennifer Garner have continued on in their successful film careers and up until this point have not appeared to be engaged in new romances, despite the odd fabricated claim. However, a new rumor states that Ben has been spotted with a new woman, who has been identified as Elizabeth Weaver, founder of a boutique nursing care facility. It has since been verified that the two are simply friends, as Heavy shares.

[Featured Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]