Katie Price Goes For Butt-Lift Number Seven

Katie Price has shown off to the world the results of her seventh butt lift. For visual proof, the former glamor model posted a video on Instagram in which she was seen wearing a skimpy underwear as her husband, Kieran Hayler, watched. It was a non-invasive butt lift.

Even when I sit down I can really see my bum looks peachy ???? @shanecooperuk ???????? non surgical???? #bumlift

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As Katie Price puts her bum on display, Hayler commented that her bum looked massive after asking for his opinion. Katie didn’t take it kindly seeing she had gone through so much pain to get the kind of bum she was now showing off to the rest of the world. However, Katie was to later defend her husband’s comments.

“Kieran loves my bum really 7th treatment @shanecooperuk I can can really see a difference! I’m loving this new year new me #healthy #nonsurgical #bubblebut,” she wrote on Instagram as Katie Price display results of big bum after her non-surgical lift went viral.

Katie Price Butt-Lift

From her social media postings, the former glamor model was clearly excited by the development as she posted several times on the procedure. In one of the postings, she was elated about the bum lift going as far as to say her bum looked big even when she was sitting down.

But even as Katie Price puts her bum on display, this is not Katie’s first cosmetic procedure. The former glamor model and panelist on Loose Women recently underwent a dermal roller micro-needling procedure. Just like the latest non-invasive butt lift surgery, she also posted the previous one online in a video. In the Instagram video, the mother of four can be seen bleeding on her forehead as her beautician looks on and explains what the procedure is called.

“Had this earlier Absolutely loved having my luxury dermal roller micro-needling treatment today! Helping to firm, plump and even out my skin tone & texture,” Katie wrote.


As a procedure, the aim of micro-needling is to stimulate the production of collagen and consequently increasing the skincare care product absorption. To achieve this the skin is punctured with tiny needles.

The pain the Loose Women panelist was experiencing was eased when she wore a cooling face mask.

And also on the same day that she underwent a bum lift, Katie had also had a stomach procedure which involved the contouring and tightening of the skin on her belly.

Katie Price Butt-Lift

Other cosmetic procedures that the LW panelist has had in the last twenty years include liposuction, vaginal rejuvenation, and a nose job. The mother of four has also had a several breast surgery procedures.

Ironically, even as Katie Price puts her bum on display, she is on record as railing against young girls of today and their love for cosmetics. This raised quite a furor as Katie had previously posted a picture of her daughter who was then just 8 years in heavy make-up. Katie then went on to explain that she made a mistake by posting the picture and pointed out that her daughter was only trying to be like her mother. She also admitted that she realized the ramifications when someone pointed out the attention such a picture of a young girl in heavy makeup would invite from pedophiles.

The Katie Price display results of big bum after her non-surgical lift news comes hot on the heels of an online feud between Katie Price and Jemma Lucy. The Ex on the Beach star had accused Katie of trying to turn people against her. This followed a denial by Katie that she had been planning on joining the Celebrity Big Brother reality show, an allegation which Katie denied citing the fact that she had previously won and so she had nothing to gain by going back.

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