Jessa Duggar Jokes Jeremy Vuolo ‘Stole’ Her Sister, Duggar Sisters Sad That Jinger Will Live So Far

Jessa Duggar has always been close with her sister, Jinger. The two looked almost like twins and grew up to be closer than ever. In fact, Jessa played a big role in Jinger meeting Jeremy Vuolo. Now that her sister is married and living in Texas with her new husband, Duggar is missing her more than ever.

According to People, Jessa Duggar is joking around when she says that Jeremy Vuolo “stole” her sister away. The comment came from a promo clip from the upcoming season of Counting On. It begins airing January 16 on TLC and will focus on the planning of the Vuolo wedding and Jessa’s new pregnancy. As the days creep by, Duggar’s due date approaches faster and faster. Jinger won’t be in Arkansas when Jessa delivers her new baby as she is in Texas building her life with Jeremy Vuolo. It is a hard transition for the Duggar sisters who have been close all of their lives.

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Fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Jessa Duggar’s new baby with husband, Ben Seewald. The gender has not been revealed, but many believe it will be another little boy. Some think Jessa gave fans a hint a few weeks ago that it was a girl, but there has been no confirmation from the expecting couple. Jessa did admit she would miss Jinger being around for the birth of the new baby, something that the sisters got to experience when Spurgeon was born. With the distance between home and her new life, Jinger Duggar is torn on where she should be.

A new season of Counting On will begin next Monday and will feature a lot of Jessa and Jinger Duggar. The wedding planning will finally be shown, which is something many fans are looking forward to seeing. Jinger’s wedding served as the season finale, but nothing before it was shown last season. Jessa and the rest of the older Duggar sisters helped Jinger plan her dream wedding, and the cameras followed them as it happened. Jessa’s pregnancy has also been documented, including a comment session where she thought she might have been having twins. The clip shows her talking about how twins run in her family. It was later confirmed that there is only one baby on the way this time, but it doesn’t rule out twins for her in the future.

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Without Jinger Duggar around for Jessa to lean on, it has been hard. The two are closer than the rest of the sisters with the bond that Jinger and Joy-Anna share coming in next. Because most of them are so close in age, they became best friends on top of being sisters. Joy-Anna is already courting, and there are predictions she will be married within the next year. The boy she is dating is from Arkansas, so she likely won’t have to move away from the family like Jinger did. This has been a taxing event on the sisters, and while they wish her the best, they miss having her around.

It will be interesting to see the interaction between Jessa Duggar and Jinger Duggar when it comes time for them to say goodbye. Without each other being so close, there is a lot they will miss. Of course, modern technology can assist with the big events, but it won’t help with the things like hugs or laughs from conversations they have in person. As Jessa Duggar’s due date approaches quickly, she is trying hard not to miss her sister too much and to remember that Jinger is right where she needs to be in the moment.

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