Jessa Duggar Shares Baby Bump Video, Fans Realize She Isn’t Having Twins

Jessa Duggar is almost ready to welcome her second child into the world. She announced her pregnancy on Season 2 of Counting On and friends and family were elated about the news. Spurgeon is her first son, and he just celebrated his first birthday in November. Duggar has been secretive about the gender of her baby once again. Fans shave been guessing whether or not it will be another boy or if Jessa and Ben Seewald will welcome their first daughter into the world in 2017.

To get people talking, Jessa Duggar teased she may be carrying twins. They did this during her first pregnancy as well but considering Michelle Duggar had two sets of twins, it is possible that the girls may also find themselves with at least one set of multiples. According to Us Weekly, Jessa Duggar shared a new baby bump video to social media. In the video, you can clearly see the little one moving around. Since Duggar is nearing her due date in roughly eight weeks, it was apparent there was likely only one baby this time around.

Last time Jessa Duggar was pregnant, she was able to share the experience with her sister Jill and her sister-in-law Anna. It looks like this time around there is only one Duggar grandchild on the way. Rumors have been swirling that Jill may be expecting again but won’t be announcing it until Counting On returns in January. This isn’t too far-fetched because Jill and Derick did talk about the fact they are actively trying again. In fact, they were both surprised that Jessa and Ben got pregnant before they did. And of course, Jinger is also rumored to be with child. She recently married Jeremy Vuolo and speculation is she will have a honeymoon baby as well.

There is some concern for Jessa Duggar with the birth of her second child. She had a really hard birth her first time around and had to be taken to the hospital for treatment after she delivered Spurgeon. He was a healthy little guy but Duggar lost a lot of blood. Michelle called 911 for her daughter when they realized the amount of blood loss and the size of the baby. Because she was past her due date, she delivered a bigger baby than her body had accounted for. Thankfully, both Jessa and her little boy ended up doing just fine.

The upcoming weeks will be busy for Jessa and the entire Duggar family as they get ready for the holidays. They are likely filming, and Counting On will be returning at some point in January. An official date has not yet been announced but it was confirmed that January was certain. Jessa Duggar will almost be ready to give birth at that point, and fans are hoping that this time, things will go smoothly. Season 3 of Counting On is going to feature more of Jinger and Joy-Anna as the other girls have taken much of the focus in the past.

With all of the photos Jessa Duggar has been sharing, it is certain that she is only having one baby this time around. It would have been fun to watch her welcome twins but it is still possible for the Duggar girls in the future. Right now, she is sharing what they are doing for the holidays. Recently, Jessa shared a photo of her mantle and a stocking for baby Seewald was included. There weren’t any gender clues but fans believe she could be having a girl this time around. Either way, Jessa Duggar will be happy with a healthy baby.

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