Jill Duggar Pregnancy Rumors Swirl After Thanksgiving Photos Surface

Jill Duggar was the first daughter to give Jim Bob and Michelle a grandchild. She married Derick Dillard and found out they were expecting almost immediately after their honeymoon. The couple decided to name their first son Israel, after the place that is near and dear to their hearts. Duggar and her husband decided to travel to El Salvador to do mission work while their son was still very little. Fans of the show missed watching him group up as they had watched Josh Duggar’s children in the past.


During an episode of Counting On in Season 2, Jill Duggar talked about trying for another baby. She was shocked that her sister, Jessa Duggar, was already pregnant with her second child and she and Derick Dillard were not. Both girls got pregnant immediately following their weddings and were pregnant at the same time for a few months. According to Yahoo News, Jill Duggar has sparked pregnancy rumors after sharing a photo of her family on Thanksgiving. Fans speculated that there was a tiny baby bump from the side view. While there has been no announcement yet, Duggar and Dillard did admit they were trying, and another baby could very well be on the way.


There are big changes happening in the Duggar family with all of the girls. Jill Duggar was the first daughter to marry off and so far, two of her other sisters have followed suit. Joy-Anna recently announced she was courting, and it appears it has been official for at least three months at this point. Now that Jessa Duggar is pregnant with baby number two and Jill is rumored to be, 2017 could be a very busy year for the family once again. Speculation is that Jinger may become pregnant quite fast after marrying Jeremy Vuolo. That would make three babies born next year and another possible wedding down the line.


Fans have been on baby watch for Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard pretty much since Israel was born. Because of their family dynamics, there is a lot of pressure on the daughters to start families right away and continue reproducing as they see fit. Duggar has expressed her desire for another child and they have admitted to actively trying. If the photos aren’t depicting a baby bump, it could just be a small amount of weight gain since the couple was pretty thin in El Salvador. Coming back home to Arkansas has helped both Jill and Derick to start looking healthy once again.


Both Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard have talked about going back to do mission work once things were settled in Arkansas. If she is pregnant or does become pregnant soon, things may have to be rearranged. Healthcare in various places across the world aren’t as advanced as this country so she may end up delaying their leaving for a while. This would be a huge indication they are expecting, especially as the new year approaches.


The Duggar family will announce things in their own time. With the new season of Counting On premiering in January, nothing will be confirmed until then. Jill Duggar won’t be able to hide a bump much longer if the new photos are an indication of a new pregnancy. Fans have been scanning the family’s blog and social media for any clues about a new grandchild on the way. The newest season is reportedly going to focus on Joy-Anna courting but an announcement about a new baby on the way will likely be able to sneak in at some point. If it isn’t Jill Duggar confirming a new baby is on the way, it will be her younger sister, Jinger, instead.

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