Heather Dubrow Privacy Invaded? How ‘RHOC’ Viewers May Be Crossing The Line

Heather Dubrow may be famous for appearing on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it’s no secret that Heather and her husband Terry Dubrow are successful and rich. They have been building their own homes for years, and they are extravagant homes. And the newest home they have built is a mansion and fans will probably see it on the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Orange County. And while Dubrow doesn’t mind sharing her home on the show because she can choose what people can see, she’s now learning that some people, including a delivery driver, is now sharing details about how her home looks behind the scenes.

According to a new tweet, Heather Dubrow is shocked that some people are discussing their experiences with Heather behind the scenes, including someone who laid out the details when delivering something to her home. And when she learned about what was said about her home, her life and her children in a private Facebook group, Dubrow revealed that the content was beyond a violation of privacy.

“They’re back at it again I see. MESSY AF,” one person wrote about the post on Facebook, while a Twitter user named Philip Aurely wrote, “have you seen this? Such a violation of privacy!” directly to Heather to inform her about what was going on in a private Facebook group.

After reading the screenshot of the post, Heather Dubrow replied with, “Beyond.”

Heather was referring to a screenshot that was shared with her on Facebook from a private group. In the group, someone had posted a message about Heather’s home after a delivery person shared some details about her mansion. Details included how people get to the home, the amount of gates one person has to go through, and how her children were home. One can imagine that Heather would prefer this to be kept secret and sees this as a violation of privacy that one person is sharing this information with people on Facebook.

The Facebook post read: “So my friend just delivered a postmates order to Chateau Dubrow!!! Facts: she ordered kabobs. Her basement appears to go underground. There was an issue with where my friend had to pick things up, Heather was very apologetic for the whole thing. Max answered the door and was very polite. There were flowers everywhere (Heather’s bday was yesterday). She had to go through THREE gates to get to the house – 1 outside of the community, one at Heather’s street, then another at Heather’s driveway. She won’t provide me with gate codes…”

And it sounds like the post didn’t surprise too much, as some people have been sharing information about the reality stars in another forum. One person revealed that a group calling themselves for Thunder Dome have been sharing information about the wives before and this time, they are doing so in a private Facebook group called The Nook. After a quick search, the group could not be located on Facebook, which suggests that it is private or has since been deleted.

“I cannot believe that #B*tchSesh sent spies to her house again! Looks like the Thunder Dome might be at it again? This time with a group called The Nook,” one person wrote to Heather Dubrow, sharing that he saw this as a complete violation of privacy, while another person added, “How is A MEAL invasive when you’ve spent 2 years talking on camera about ur house? I’M SORRY, dear fake account who posted it.”

“If you don’t see how this violates their privacy, you are truly sick,” the follower wrote in Heather’s defense.

What do you think of Heather Dubrow’s comment that the Facebook post is beyond a violation of privacy? Do you think she’s right and the post was out of line, or do you think this comes with the territory of being a famous reality star?

[Featured Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]