Ronda Rousey Loss Made Amanda Nunes Think That Former UFC Champion Is ‘Overrated’

After a second Ronda Rousey loss some fighters in the octagon are now thinking that the most feared female fighter in the UFC may not be as good as everyone thinks she is.

At least that’s what Amanda Nunes, the most recent female fighter to beat Rousey, thinks so.

Nunes is the second female fighter to bring on a Ronda Rousey loss after Holly Holm, who defeated the former UFC champ with a swift and hard kick to the head last year, and she believes that she won against the former reigning champion because to her Ronda is “overrated.”

According to TMZ Sports, Nunes, 28, said that she never really understood how so many female fighters lost to Rousey when she always believed that she’s not that hard to beat.

Nunes sat down for an interview with TMZ wherein she spoke about her easy victory against one of the most dangerous fighters in the octagon.

She told them, “I knew I could beat Ronda Rousey since I saw her first fight.”

Amanda Nunes retains her title after defeating Ronda Rousey at UFC 207
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From the looks of it Nunes knew what she was talking about when she was able to demolish Rousey within 48 seconds of the first round of their fight. When the fight started Nunes gained the upper hand right away when she was able to land a solid straight right on Rousey’s face.

Rousey’s expertise has always been judo and everyone was expecting that she will take down Nunes as soon as she got close to her. But in her returning bout it looked like she wanted to go toe-to-toe with the female striker using striking as her arsenal. Unfortunately, it didn’t work to her advantage.

As soon as Nunes landed her first blow to Rousey’s face she followed through with a flurry of punches eventually dazing Rowdy so much that the referee had to stop the fight. It was Nunes’ straight right that forced Herb Dean to stop the fight.

Nunes was tagging Rousey with ease all throughout the fight and the latter even almost dropped after the current UFC Bantamweight champion landed a solid straight right on her forehead, which pushed her towards the wall of the octagon.

The second Ronda Rousey loss made Nunes think that not only is her rival overrated but it also made her question Rousey’s camp as to why they thought that it was a wise decision to utilize her striking against a more effective striker.

In her post fight interview, Fox Sports asked the reigning champ what might have led to a second Ronda Rousey loss. Nunes blamed Edmond Tarverdyan, Rousey’s coach, for insisting that Ronda is a boxer when clearly she’s anything but that.

The second Ronda Rousey loss happened because according to Nunes Rousey’s coach didn’t use the former champ’s expertise in judo and grappling against her. Instead they went ahead used Rousey’s boxing skills, which were sub-par to Nunes’ more efficient strikes.

Nunes said, “Yeah because she thinks she’s a boxer. He like put this in her head and make the girl believe in that,” she added, “I don’t know why he did that. She has great judo and then she can go more forward in this division but he put some crazy thing about her boxing and then her career started like going down.”

After questioning Tarverdyan’s efficiency as a coach Nunes has moved on to questioning Rousey’s efficiency as a fighter. Nunes told TMZ that Rousey was “overhyped” by the UFC and that beating her in UFC 207 was a lot easier than she expected. She even told them that she trained more for her fight against Miesha Tate, who was also a grappler.

After a second loss a lot of Rowdy’s fans and critics are saying that it might be time for the former champ to hang up her gloves and call it a day. But until Rousey comes forward with her plans for the future there still might be a chance for her to follow up a Ronda Rousey loss with another win.

Ronda Rousey loss
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