WWE News, Spoilers: One Legend Confirmed To Return And One Legend May Show Up On ‘Monday Night Raw’ – Huge Title Match

With the Royal Rumble only three weeks away, WWE is really going all out in making sure that the build-up for it is top notch. They are slowly introducing new entrants into the match, and that is to keep having fans tune in each week and watch the shows to see who is next. Three big title matches are already confirmed and each Monday Night Raw is bigger than the last. This week, one legend is confirmed to return, another may return, and a title is on the line.

The official website of WWE revealed their preview for this week’s show which has a lot in store for the fans in New Orleans. While title chases are happening all over the place, all of the chatter is about two legends that may or may not make their over-the-top returns to Monday Night Raw.

What do The Deadman and The Showstopper have planned?

Shawn Michaels is indeed going to be on Raw tomorrow night and he has a few reasons to be there, but mostly promotional purposes. The “Heartbreak Kid” will build-up the Royal Rumble which is taking place in his hometown of San Antonio, and the fans will love seeing him there. There is also HBK’s new movie The Resurrection of Gavin Stone which he wants to promote and let the world know about.

Now, the other legend in question is The Undertaker and the preview from WWE says that he is “rumored” to return, but as The Sun reported, he will definitely be there. The interesting thing is that he is still an active wrestler and also a member of SmackDown LIVE, so, what is he going to do on Raw?

Only time will tell why The Deadman is appearing, but it is thought that he will announce his intentions of entering the 30-superstar over-the-top-rope battle royal.

Can Reigns defy the odds against Owens and Jericho in a Handicap Match?

Over the weekend, Wrestling Inc. reported WWE’s confirmation that the United States Championship would be on the line in New Orleans. Not only will Roman Reigns have to fight off Chris Jericho to retain his U.S. Title, but WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens as well. Yes, it’s a handicap match for the belt and Jeri-KO is looking for more gold.

Who will declare for the Royal Rumble Match?

After last week’s Monday Night Raw, the total number of entrants into the Royal Rumble had jumped to seven: Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, Chris Jericho, Goldberg, and The New Day. On SmackDown LIVE, Baron Corbin became the first member of Team Blue to enter the match and bring the number to eight.

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Yes, there will be some surprises entering the match, but expect more Team Red superstars to enter the battle royal this week. As of now, Raw is easily filling up the match, but more from SmackDown will likely be added on Tuesday.

Will Bayley dethrone Charlotte Flair?

A couple of weeks ago, she was defeated by Charlotte Flair due to a rather biased guest referee. Last week, Bayley defeated Nia Jax in an impressive fashion to become the number one contender to the Raw Women’s Championship. At the Royal Rumble, Bayley will take on Charlotte for the title and it looks like Sasha Banks will have her back to deal with Dana Brooke.

Is Neville our next WWE Cruiserweight Champion?

For the last month, Neville has made his name known and made the world realize that he is a changed man. Now, he wants to rise to the top of the cruiserweight division and take the title currently held by Rich Swann. Neville has defeated Swann before and even scored a victory over former champ TJ Perkins, but next time, he wants the belt on the line. Raw is next opportunity to display his dominance.

This week’s Monday Night Raw in New Orleans is going to be a huge show and there are still going to be two more and three episodes of SmackDown LIVE before the Royal Rumble. The United States Title match is going to be a lot of fun, but the returns of two legends to Team Red are what will have fans tuning in. Shawn Michaels will be there to promote his new movie and build-up the PPV in his hometown, but is The Undertaker actually going to enter the match?

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