Khloe Kardashian Allegedly Wants Tristan Thompson On Reality TV: How Does His Cavaliers Team Feel? [Rumor]

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are both said to be interested in documenting their relationship for reality television.

The couple, who’ve only been dating for four months, have made some tremendous steps in making sure that their romance will last, with Khloe already being the new owner to a multi-million dollar home out in Cleveland.

Considering that Kardashian has found herself in another long-distance relationship, the 32-year-old was convinced that if she didn’t make the effort in purchasing a home near Tristan, along with making multiple trips out to Cleveland, the romance would collapse rather quickly.

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Having talked about how hectic it is to commit themselves to their busy schedules and have a relationship with one another, the idea of bringing cameras into the mix recently came up in a conversation, and according to Hollywood Life, Tristan thinks the idea is perfect.

The outlet claims that having a Keeping Up With the Kardashians spinoff is not such a bad move for Khloe and her beau, who has never been shy in front of a camera, an insider continued.

Tristan is aware of the fact that Khloe’s main business comes from the success of the family’s reality show, and if her spending more time means she has to compromise and continue filming in Cleveland, then she may as well have her own reality show out there.

“Tristan has no problem being on Khloe’s reality show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” a source for the outlet mentions.

“[Thompson] has even joked with Khloe that they would be great on TV together if they ever got their own spinoff. He is open to sharing his life with Khloe with the world… when the NBA season is over of course.”

Things are extremely hectic now, as the source already mentions. Khloe Kardashian has endless projects in the works while her beau continues with the NBA season — it’s keeping them apart for weeks on end, but the twosome is making it work the best way they can.

Once the season is over, Tristan will most likely want to move forward with plans to star in his own reality show with Khloe, which seems to be perfect timing, with recent reports having claimed that Kardashian and Thompson has already been discussing marriage and children.

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According to recent reports, Khloe is more than ever thinking about settling down. Despite the seven-year age difference, she’s certain that Tristan is the man she plans on spending the rest of her life with, and because of that, she allegedly sees no problem in already making plans to move things forward with the relationship, OK! Magazine adds.

At this given time, however, Khloe solely wants her man to focus his attention on finishing the NBA season and getting his team to win the championship title.

An insider claims that Tristan’s teammates have seen a drastic improvement in his performance in recent weeks, going as far as to allege that having Khloe Kardashian in his life is really bringing out the best in Thompson and his skills in basketball.

“LeBron rants and raves about how good and competitive Tristan is and how much happier he is on and off the court and that’s all because of Khloe. It was extremely important for Savannah to make Khloe part of the Cavs’ family because by the looks of things, sooner or later she’s going to become part of Tristan’s family.”

A rep for Khloe Kardashian has yet to comment on reports concerning a new KUWTK spinoff show. Would you tune in and watch the couple’s TV show if they ended up moving ahead with these plans?

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