2 Goals In 3 Seconds? Abbotsford Heat Set AHL Record [Video]

The Abbotsford Heat set an AHL record this week by scoring 2 goals in 3 seconds.

You can watch a video of the amazing feat below but prepare to be disappointed. The goals happened so quickly that video doesn’t actually show the second goal. The TV announcers were showing a replay of Steve McCarthy’s shorthanded goal when the puck flew past goalie Ben Scrivens for the second time in three seconds.

According to the Vancouver Sun, center Ben Street hit a slap shot immediately after the face off and knocked the puck past Scrivens.

Street said:

“I tried to go forward myself and got pretty good wood on it. I got it high enough that he didn’t pick up on it. I picked the right club, I guess.”

Abbotsford goaltender Barry Brust said that he felt bad for Scrivens after the puck hit the back of the net for the second time in three seconds.

Brust said:

“That was pretty weird and I can definitely sympathize with him … I’m just glad it wasn’t me.”

The Vancouver Sun reports that the previous AHL record was two goals in five seconds. The NHL record stands at four seconds.

Here’s a video of the Abbotsford Heat scoring 2 goals in 3 seconds. Well, it’s a video of the heat scoring one goal, and then a video of the team celebrating another goal.