The 21 Savage & 22 Savage Fight Shouldn’t Happen [Opinion]

21 Savage rose to fame this past summer of 2016 when he released his EP titled Savage Mode with acclaimed producer Metro Boomin. The hit project featured songs such as “X” featuring Future, “No Heart,” and the title track “Savage Mode.” Savage’s true claim to fame came with his on-camera demeanor, his lyrics, and the “knife” tattoo that’s on his forehead. But with all great novelties, a parody must come soon after it. A rapper named 22 Savage, who hails from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, has come along taking obvious elements of 21 Savage’s rap style and charisma. He’s released a plethora of diss tracks toward 21 Savage, including a song titled “Black Opps” which is a play on 21 Savage’s “Red Opps”

The beef between the two have gotten heated as of late, and 22 Savage is shooting for a fight with 21 Savage over the sake of their name. 22 Savage’s idea has largely been thought of as riding the wave of the reported Soulja Boy-Chris Brown boxing match. 22 Savage asked fans if they wanted to see him knock out 21 Savage in one tweet and he would change his name if he lost the fight in another.

It also doesn’t help when notorious hip-hop instigator 50 Cent put the fight down with Soulja Boy and Chris Brown’s fight.

21 Savage has responded to 22 Savage’s push for the fight, but it appears he’s not interested in participating in 22 Savage’s shenanigans.

Whether or not the two men fight, they must decide before the public deems the fight real. But a primary reason 21 Savage perhaps doesn’t want to engage with 22 Savage is because he knows 22 Savage isn’t truly legit. Before he was 22 Savage, he was just another rapper attempting to make a name for himself.

“It turns out that the 19-year-old 22 Savage has quite a history, in the rap game, on social media, and with the law (which may have the final word when it comes to his potential success as 22 Savage). Here’s a statement from a PR company that has recently begun to work with 22:

“‘Our publicity company loves the bold, brave, scandalous, outspoken, dangerous, cutting-edge and controversial artists… 22 Savage came up with an amazing idea and it’s great to be able to help light up the Internet with it. This kid is a star, point blank.'”

21 Savage 21 Savage [Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]

With the way urban music has been going on the past few years, numerous lives have been lost due to the killings of rappers and artists attempting to live out their life through their music. Or they were killed because the ones who committed the acts thought they we’re really living the life they wrote about. Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have fallen victim to the expectations of what a rapper or urban singer should be like, so the entertainment world has little to no time to witness a rapper in 22 Savage become a caricature, while watching 21 Savage engage in another pointless rap beef.

21 Savage
21 Savage [Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]

With the killings of up-and-coming rappers such as Lil Snupe, Bankroll Fresh, and Dolla over the past few years, urban music and violence have crossed over into uncharted waters. While we may laugh at 21 Savage and 22 Savage, it’s best we wish both rappers successful careers and that they move on from engaging in typical rap beef.

[Featured Image by Paras Griffin/Getty Images]