'The Bachelor' Spoilers 2017: Who Is The Winner Of Season 21?

The Bachelor premiered last week, and although only one episode has aired, fans are already looking for spoilers about who Nick Viall has chosen to be the winner. Will Nick finally find his true love after multiple heartbreaks on national television? The journey has just begun, but many fans believe they already know who will end up victorious when the show airs its season finale.

Warning: Major spoilers for The Bachelor Season 21 below.

According to Reality Steve, a source known for his very accurate spoilers on The Bachelor and Bachelorette, Nick Viall has, in fact, gotten engaged to one of the women who appeared on Season 21 of the ABC dating show. Nick, who only wrapped filming on the show in November, is off the market. The man who was the runner-up two times previously has reportedly chosen a fiance, and hopefully, fans will be happy with his choice.

The website reveals that Nick Viall's final four girls will likely be no surprise to fans of The Bachelor. Corinne Olympios, 24, from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, already has a target on her back after she was the first woman to kiss Nick during the very first night in the house. Fans who watched the preview for the entire season also see that Corrine sticks around long enough to get Nick in some very compromising positions, such as nearly naked in the pool, and alone in his bedroom for some intimate time together. Of course, Corrine has already been established as the villain of Season 21, and it seems that she's just fine with that, as she's made it more than clear that she wants Nick and she'll stop at nothing to get him.

The Bachelor Spoilers 2017: Corrine is the season 21 villain.
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Corrine will likely be the talk of The Bachelor Season 21. The blonde beauty will stir up a lot of drama with the other contestants, who won't think too highly of her. Sources close to the production allegedly revealed that they were shocked that Corrine even made it to the final four since Nick was taking the entire process very seriously. However, Corrine will be eliminated soon after the final four are chosen.

Meanwhile, Rachel Lindsay, 31, from Dallas, Texas, will also be one of Nick's final four girls during Season 21 of The Bachelor. Spoilers reveal that Rachel will just miss the cut and come in third place. Fans will remember Rachel as the women who made the biggest impact on Nick the very first night in the house, as she earned the first impression rose from Viall, making all of the other girls envious of her instant connection to Nick.

That leaves the final two women who will be left behind to fight for Nick Viall's love in The Bachelor Season 21 finale. Raven Gates, 25, from Hoxie, Arkansas, and Vanessa Grimaldi, 29, from Montreal, Canada, will reportedly be Nick's final two. Reality Steve revealed early on that it looked that Nick was going to pick Vanessa Grimaldi as his future bride, and he is still standing by the information. The site claims that Nick and Vanessa, who is a special education teacher, are currently engaged, and that fans will watch them grow closer and closer as the season progresses.

The Bachelor 2017 winner is reportedly Vanessa Grimaldi.
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However, The Bachelor wouldn't be The Bachelor without major drama. Despite Corrine's aggressiveness towards Nick, it will likely be Liz who stuns the other contestants the most. As many viewers already know, Liz and Nick met before the show at the wedding of Jade and Tanner. The two hooked up that night, and Liz revealed that she liked having the secret between them. However, it appears that Liz will let the cat out of the bag very soon, and the other girls will freak out when they hear the shocking revelation. It looks like Season 21 is shaping up to be one of the most dramatic yet.

What are your thoughts on the latest The Bachelor spoilers for 2017? Who do you think Nick Viall should pick as the winner?

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