Kyrie Irving, Pepsi Return With ‘Uncle Drew, Chapter 2’ [Viral Video]

Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving unveiled his Pepsi Max commercial, “Uncle Drew, Chapter 2,” on Wednesday, and it has since gone viral.

Fans may remember the original Pepsi-produced “Uncle Drew” commercial, in which Kyrie Irving wore geezer makeup and schooled a group of young athletes in a pick-up game. Pepsi has now produced a sequel video for their Pepsi Max brand, featuring Irving in character once more alongside “Uncle Wes,” played by Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love.

in the video, Uncle Drew also sits down to chat about the good ‘ole days with former Celtics’ Hall of Fame center Bill Russell, who encourages Irving’s “Uncle Drew” to get his old team back together.

Talking about the commercial shoot, Irving said of his decision to bring in Love that: “I told him to be in character and he was. He did a phenomenal job.”

Irving seemed most excited about the prospect of working with Bill Russell, saying: “He had so many stories. Sometimes I felt he was talking to an old man.”

Irving wouldn’t say for sure whether or not there would be any more “Uncle Drew” videos, hinting: “You never know where Uncle Drew will show up next.”

In what amounted to a surprise to many, the Cleveland Cavaliers started the new NBA season 1-0. Though LeBron is out, some are excited about the new Cavs, thanks to Kyrie Irving, who was last season’s NBA Rookie of the Year and a Duke alum. Irving also shows some acting chops in the hilarious second installment of the Pepsi campaign as “Uncle Drew.”

Here’s the viral, Pepsi Max-produced “Uncle Drew, Chapter 2” with Kyrie Irving in old man get-up: