Pristin K-Pop Rookie Girl Group Changes Name From Pledis Girls -- More K-Pop Girl Groups Set To Debut In 2017

Pristin, K-pop's new rookie girl group has introduced itself to the world. But if that name sounds unfamiliar to you, that's probably because Pristin started off as Pledis Girls, according to Soompi.

Pristin, a 10-member girl group, was created by Pledis Entertainment, which explains their previous name. As Soompi notes, their new name is a combination of "prismatic" and "elastin."

So the name is meant to symbolize the combination of two qualities into one group: the prismatic part stands for them being "bright and vivid," while the elastin part stands for "flawless strength."


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The names of the Pristin members are Nayoung and Pinky, formerly of I.O.I, and Minkyung, Kyungwon, Yebin, Eunwoo, Siyeon, Sungyeon, Yewon, and Kyla.

Pristin held a concert on January 6 to introduce themselves to K-pop fans.

As Soompi reports, the ladies of Pristin have also previously released some debut projects including a cover of "Adore U" by Seventeen and a cover of Girls' Generation's "Catch Me If You Can."Pristin isn't the only girl group that's set to debut in 2017. Some of the other girl groups to look out for in 2017 include:

Bonus Baby

As All Kpop notes, Bonus Baby was created by Maroo Entertainment, the label that also represents Kim Jong Kook, and Hak Suk Jin, among others.

They are a very young group. According to Soompi, the average age of the members of Bonus Baby is about 16.

The youngest girl group to debut before Bonus Baby was April, whose average age was 17.

"Bonus Baby consists of six members who have just passed their mid-teens," Maroo Entertainment has said of their group. "We hope to give off bright and cheerful energy with these innocent girls."

Dream Catcher

As Inquisitr previously reported, Happy Face Entertainment's Minx is set to be re-branded as a brand new group in 2017 called Dream Catcher

Two new members were added, and according to the statement released by Happy Face Entertainment, the style of music will also be different.

"We will hit success with a concept and music style that could not have been imagined for MINX," the statement read. "It's like we're debuting a whole new girl group considering how long we prepared for this and how we're greeting everybody in a new way."

Minx debuted in 2014 and released music that got them some popularity, including songs like "Why Did You Come To My Home," and "Love Shake."

Based on the Dream Catcher teasers that their agency has released so far, it looks like the new group's direction is going to be a bit darker than Minx's. Even the name of their debut album, Nightmare, is super dark, which gives you an indication of the style Dream Catcher will have.

Here's the tracklist for Nightmare:Which K-pop girl group debut are you looking forward to seeing in 2017? Let us know in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Pledis Entertainment]