Dream Catcher K-Pop Debut: Happyface Entertainment Girl Group MINX To Re-Debut With New Name And Seven Members In 2017 [Video]

It seems that despite the fact 2016 is coming to an end soon, the K-pop industry will not let up on introducing new acts. So far, we have seen more than 80 K-pop acts — either they be groups, sub-groups, or collaborations — make their debut. We have seen the debuts of Astro, Black Pink, Cosmic Girls, NCT (U, 127, Dream), I.O.I., Gugudan, and Pentagon. New sub-groups include EXO-CBX (EXO sub-group), BtoB Blue (BtoB sub-group), and Nine Muses A (Nine Muses sub-group). Finally for collaboration groups, the two biggest ones are MOBB (Mino of Winner and Bobby of iKon), Unnies (Ra Mi Ran, Kim Sook, Hong Jin Kyung, Min Hyo Rin, Jessi, and Tiffany of Girls’ Generation), and Triple T (Hyoyeon of Girls’ Generation, Min of Miss A, and Jo Kwon of 2AM).

Sometimes however, a debut is more of a re-debut, especially for K-pop acts struggling with their current brand or wanting a fresh new angle. That is the case for Dream Catcher. The new seven-member girl group created under Happy Face Entertainment technically isn’t a new group, but MINX with two new members and a new name. Right now, they are releasing numerous teasers for their debut, or in a way comeback, next year in 2017.

The announcement of MINX re-debuting as Dream Catcher was made on November 29 by Happy Face Entertainment. According to AllKpop, multiple music representatives stated the new group will consist of the original five members of MINX: Ji-U, Siyeon, Yoohyeon, Su-A, and Dami, and two new members, Handong and Gahyeon.

“We will hit success with a concept and music style that could not have been imagined for MINX. It’s like we’re debuting a whole new girl group considering how long we prepared for this and how we’re greeting everybody in a new way.”

After the announcement, Happy Face Entertainment was busy releasing numerous teasers. A first set of individual teaser images have already been made public, and they highlight all seven members individually in what looks like to be a forest, as detailed in Korean news site Naver. This was followed up with a teaser video showcasing each girl with a piece of music, which might be a part of their debut title track. It also highlighted live shots of the first set of individual teasers, followed by live shots showcasing the girls with a more casual, urban style. These were the lead-in for the second set of individual teaser images being released right now.

It seems that Dream Catcher is a bold new beginning for MINX. Originally, MINX received recognition for their debut song “Why Did You Come To My Home” on September 18, 2014. It was called a “new take on the children’s rhyme” of the same name. On the same day, they also made their stage debut on M Countdown, continuing debut promotions until October 26, 2014, with their final performance on Inkigayo.

MINX’s last and only comeback (if we were not to include their Christmas collaboration with fellow Happy Face Entertainment labelmates Dal Shabet) was for their first and only EP, a mini-album titled Love Shake back in July, 2015. The featured title track of the same name was a remake of Dal Shabet’s song off their first studio album Bang Bang, filled with joy that “goes well with summer.” It also got plenty of attention from the male demographic given the fact the music video had the girls baring their midriffs, and wearing short-shorts while shaking their backsides.

Happy Face Entertainment is aiming for Dream Catcher to make their debut in 2017, possibly early in the year if promotions are coming out right now. Looking back on previous promotions from other K-pop acts, along with the second individual teaser images, we can expect a track list — if Dream Catcher’s re-debut is an album of some sort — dance practice videos, and possibly an online concert for fans. Until then, we can only wait and see what Dream Catcher has in store for us.

[Featured Image by Happy Face Entertainment]

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