Michelle Lodzinski Gets 30 Years For Killing Her Child

Convicted murderer Michelle Lodzinski has been sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment after she was found guilty of the 1991 slaying of her 5-year-old son. ABC News reports that the Florida woman faced a judge this week, who took her to task for the many lies she has reportedly told over the course of this case.

This is a bit of a twisted case, which has spanned more than two decades. Five-year-old Timothy Wiltsey disappeared on May 25, 1991. His mother reported him missing from a carnival on this day, claiming that he had been kidnapped. Of course, witness testimony indicated that nobody had seen the child at the carnival with his mother on that night. These details — and others — led investigators to immediately believe that the child’s mother had concocted the kidnapping story. Approximately a year later, his remains were located near the Raritan River in Edison, New Jersey.

Over the course of more than 20 years, authorities held Michelle Lodzinski in suspicion surrounding the disappearance of the 5-year-old boy. However, they never had the appropriate evidence for which to arrest her. Throughout the investigation, she failed at least two polygraph tests and changed her story multiple times. Ultimately, Lodzinksi was arrested in association with the murder of her own child — an accusation that she has consistently denied.

The Michelle Lodzinski case shares some similarities with the notorious Casey Anthony case. Like Michelle, Casey Anthony’s young child vanished under suspicious circumstances — and shaky claims of kidnapping. Dubbed “Tot Mom” in the media, Anthony claimed that her daughter was taken by her nanny, but it was later revealed that this was not the case — and that this “nanny” didn’t even exist.

Like Michelle Lodzinski, Casey Anthony earned the reputation of being a known liar, whose stories changed and evolved with details that perplexed detectives. Lodzinski even hoaxed her own kidnapping at one point, while authorities kept their eyes on her as the prime suspect in Timothy’s murder. Unlike Casey Anthony, however, Michelle Lodzinksi was convicted of killing her child — and now she will spend the next 30 years of her life behind bars. Will that 30-year-sentence equate to the rest of her life? The Florida woman will be in her 70s by the time she is paroled from this sentence.

Is it possible that Michelle Lodzinski is innocent? As stated previously, the Florida woman has long maintained her innocence regarding the disappearance and death of her five-year-old son. Furthermore, her defense believes that there is no evidence to legitimately convict her of the crime. That is why this conviction is being appealed. The attorney representing the convicted killer has also produced at least one witness, who claims that “a former associate” of his confessed to killing the child. It should be noted that nobody has ever been charged or convicted of this crime but the child’s mother.

[Featured Image by 1990 Kindergarten Photo of Timothy Wiltsey (missing flyer photo) Fair Use/Wikipedia]