Mark Cuban: ‘If Donald Trump Shaves His Head, I’ll Give $1M To Charity’ [Video]

Donald Trump has been presented an offer he cannot refuse: A whopping $1M to any charity of The Donald’s choice … if he shaves his head.

Recalling Trump’s highly-publicized and widely-panned “October Surprise,” Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is offering his own charity deal to The Donald. Several weeks ago, Trump announced that he had a “game-changer” surprise regarding Obama that could alter the course of the election. It turned out to be nothing, as Trump revealed that he would offer $5M to Obama’s charity of choice if he releases his college transcripts and passports.

Like so many others, Cuban thought that Trump’s “October Surprise” was “one of the dumbest things ever,” and decided to offer a similar challenge to him.

“Donald, you shave your head, $1 million to any charity you want,” Cuban said during an interview with FOX 4 News in Dallas.

So far, Trump has not responded to the offer, but it’ll be interesting to see what he will say if and when he does. Remember, Trump defended his own “October Surprise” by arguing that President Obama shouldn’t have anything to hide, and that he’s simply offering the POTUS an easy $5M to charity for something he believes should be a matter of public record.


The language used by The Donald held that charity hostage, putting the blame on Obama for being so selfish and cruel as to deny a charity $5M by not releasing the records. Manipulative tactics for sure, as David Letterman was quick to remind. Now that such language has been turned on Trump, it is he who is holding charity money hostage with each day that he refuses to shave his famous mop.

Cuban’s offer is a ridiculous one, but that’s kind-of sort-of the point. It’s more an indictment on Trump’s methods than his message, and it’s something he ought to take to heart before he responds.

Do you think that Donald Trump will shave his head for $1M to a charity of his choice?

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