David Letterman Pokes Fun At Donald Trump Over ‘October Surprise’ Flop [Video]

One night after President Obama appeared on Leno, David Letterman sat down with Donald Trump to talk about his flopped “October surprise.”

Milking every last second out of his latest media attention grab, The Donald sat down with Letterman to address his promise of a game-changing President Obama bombshell just weeks before the 2012 election. Said bombshell famously flopped, as Trump’s revelation merely consisted of a $5 million offering to Obama’s charity of choice if he produces his college transcripts.

President Obama made a funny about the controversy with Letterman rival Jay Leno the night before, poking fun at Trump’s birther tendencies, and Trump himself was invited to the Late Show to sound off on the failed “October surprise” just last night.

Letterman defended President Obama, saying that a sitting-president should be “above coercion or simple blackmail,” while Trump responded that GOP candidate Mitt Romney should follow suit and release his long-withheld tax records.

“I’m sure he would do it,” Trump agreed. “The swap I like? His tax returns for Obama’s college records and passport records.”

“You and I split the $5 million,” Letterman quipped.

It was a fun interview, and seemed to heal the divide between Letterman and Trump, with the latter having appeared regularly on the Late Show since 1987. Trump publicly blasted Letterman over an implication from the host that The Donald is a racist over his long-suffering pursuit of President Obama’s birth certificate.

The Donald was seemingly pleased with the interview, tweeting:

Here’s the video of Trump on Letterman last night:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/GUhNc2rn8Qo” width=”560? height=”315?]

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