WWE Rumors: Could John Cena And Nikki Bella Become An On-Screen Couple For WWE Soon?

It’s extremely interesting that John Cena and Nikki Bella are collectively WWE’s hottest power couple, but the company hasn’t really featured their relationship on WWE programming. The relationship wasn’t acknowledged until Total Divas premiered a few years ago. Nikki admitted that her relationship with Cena has made her wrestling career harder, so the couple may have agreed they’re better apart on WWE television.

Obviously, both found a lot of success in WWE before their relationship began and their respective careers have continued that trend to the present day. The couple has been featured heavily on Total Divas and Total Bellas over the past few years, which has given the WWE Universe a look into their personal lives.

What’s interesting is not only is their relationship being acknowledged on WWE programming, but it’s been a consistent dig at Nikki Bella during her recent feuds. Carmella was the first to utilize their relationship in a negative way to get heel heat. Now, Natalya has done the same to make her feud with Nikki more personal on SmackDown. The question is when WWE will pull the trigger on them becoming an on-screen couple?

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According to a report, the idea of Nikki Bella and John Cena becoming an on-screen power couple on WWE programming is a possibility. Frankly, Nikki has taken a lot of grief over the years for using her relationship with John Cena to achieve her own success in WWE. Now, those words are being used to get her rivals heel heat. A lot of people are curious if WWE is doing this to slowly transition the couple together on WWE TV.

It starts with a few digs against Nikki before she gets involved with Maryse and then someone like The Miz goes too far. Suddenly, Cena is defending Nikki’s honor, and the company can market the ultimate WWE power couple. Bella/Cena merchandise would sell like hot cakes, and the fans would love them. On paper, it’s a cash cow WWE has yet to milk. Unless they wanted to take their dynamic in a different direction.

Nikki Bella has always been better as a natural heel. Her current face run is a nice change of pace for her on SmackDown, but it hasn’t caught on the way WWE officials would like because she’s better off as a heel. It is so easy for her rivals to make digs at her face persona because she’s a natural heel. Obviously, John Cena is a natural face, but a pairing with Nikki Bella on WWE TV could finally lead to his long-awaited heel turn.

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Before we get into it, John and Nikki would make a great face power couple on WWE programming. Cena would be able to help Bella get over with the WWE Universe as a face, which could do wonders for both of them. However, the potential they would have together as a heel power couple is much more intriguing.

John Cena has been rumored for a heel turn a million times over the years, but WWE officials were hesitant to pull the trigger in the past because there wasn’t anyone to replace him as the top guy. The current roster has more than one choice, so Cena turning heel is a little more plausible now. Not to mention, there will be a golden opportunity at WrestleMania 33 if John Cena vs. The Undertaker finally gets the green light.

Is Nikki Bella the missing piece that would finally allow John Cena to turn heel? Realistically, Nikki Bella would get more heel heat than Cena because the WWE Universe would look at her like she stole him. The potential storyline of Bella forcing him to lose his way and then the eventual redemption would be great for WWE. Of course, that is just fantasy booking, but John Cena and Nikki Bella together on WWE television is just too good of an idea not to see at some point.

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