Seahawks Vs. Lions Odds: What Are Vegas And NFL Experts Saying?

Seahawks vs. Lions odds favor the NFC West champions as Wild Card Weekend approaches. The Seattle Seahawks are favored to beat the Detroit Lions by nearly every bookmaker and NFL analyst. A report by Vegas Insider has shifted the Seahawks vs. Lions odds again, this time to the home team being eight-point favorites. The over/under for the game remains at 43 points, suggesting that the final score could be a low one for this game.

Projecting how the game odds look, the predicted final score is currently at about 25-18 or 26-17. It doesn’t work out to a perfect eight-point differential, possibly making the over/under very interesting for anyone visiting Las Vegas this week. The Seahawks vs. Lions game is only the second most one-sided prediction for Wild Card Weekend, as the Pittsburgh Steelers are favored by 10 points over the Miami Dolphins.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the CBS Sports NFL experts have unanimously picked the Seattle Seahawks to beat the Detroit Lions. It seems that many factors went into this decision, but that the primary piece of information is that the game is taking place at CenturyLink Field. While the Seahawks have struggled with consistency this season, the team still has an unparalleled home field advantage.

Seattle Seahawks Touchdown Against Arizona Cardinals

Game time is 5:15 p.m. PT on Saturday, January 7. As the current NFL playoff brackets are laid out, if the Seahawks beat the Lions, then the team advances to play the Atlanta Falcons in the next round. Winning against the Falcons will mean that the NFC Championship game either takes place on the road against the Dallas Cowboys or at CenturyLink Field if another team can upset the Cowboys. Having an additional home playoff game would certainly please Seahawks fans.

Breaking down the Seahawks vs. Lions matchup a bit further, Seattle won the NFC West with a 10-5-1 record. The team scored 354 points while allowing only 292 points for the season. This again ranked the Seahawks among the best defensive teams in the NFL. In fact, only the New England Patriots (250) and New York Giants (284) gave up fewer points this season. It ended a streak of four consecutive years where the Seahawks had given up the fewest points in the entire NFL. It also shows how big of an impact losing Earl Thomas has become for the defense.

The Detroit Lions secured the second Wild Card spot in the NFC by posting a 9-7 overall record. The team had a chance to win the NFC North in the final weekend of the regular season but ended up losing to the Green Bay Packers. For the year, the Lions were outscored 358-346, making them the only team to make the playoffs with fewer points than their opponents. It’s not exactly a recipe for success, nor is it something that the NFL experts like to see from teams they predict to win.

Russell Wilson And Doug Baldwin With Seahawks

The ESPN matchup predictor for the Seahawks vs. Lions game gives Seattle a 79.6 percent of victory. This echoes the expert picks for the game, suggesting that the final score might not even be as close as the Vegas odds currently hint. Could the game turn into a blowout with deafening cheers coming from a packed CenturyLink Field?

Last year, the Seahawks beat the Minnesota Vikings in the Wild Card round, overcoming some blistering cold weather to survive to reach the divisional round. Facing the Carolina Panthers, the Seahawks came up just short, getting sent home to watch the Panthers make it all the way to the Super Bowl. Now the Seattle Seahawks are back, bringing with them most of the roster from last season and with the main goal to get to a third Super Bowl since Russell Wilson became the starting quarterback.

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