Soompi Awards Halftime Results: EXO, GOT7, Zico In The Lead

The Soompi Awards season is in full swing, and fans of the ceremony honoring the best in K-pop will be pleased to know that we’re up to receiving information about the Soompi Awards halftime results. So, where do everyone’s favorite bands stand?

According to Fuse, who is the official American television partner of the awards ceremony, the Soompi Awards halftime results show that GOT7 and EXO are currently in the lead, with each of the K-pop boy bands leading in three separate awards categories each. However, Zico — the R&B/hip-hop act — is showing out pretty nicely, with a lead in two different categories of awards. Rounding out the top is Twice, a K-pop girl group, who is also leading in two separate awards categories.

GOT7 is certainly having a banner year. In addition to being in the lead in the Soompi Awards halftime results, their video for “Hard Carry” is currently the top contender for being the Fuse Music Video of the Year.

But don’t kid yourself: Anything can happen, especially since EXO’s video for “Monster” is not only not far behind for the Fuse Music Video of the Year but is actively in the middle of a Twitter campaign to push it over the top.

Rounding out the top three for the Fuse Music Video of the Year is BTS, with their video for “Blood Sweat and Tears.”

If the Soompi Awards have taught us nothing else, it’s that voting matters. That’s why fans of the different K-pop bands that are currently not where they want them to be during the Soompi Awards halftime results shouldn’t worry too much — but they should be voting!

In a previous report by the Inquisitr, GOT7 was in the lead for having the best fandom. During the Soompi Awards halftime results, it was revealed that GOT7 was in the lead, with more than 9 million votes in their fandom’s favor. In second place is EXO, whose #TeamEXO hashtag got almost 8 million votes for best fandom. Rounding out the top three is BTS, whose fandom’s #TeamBTS hashtag earned them more than 7 million votes in their favor.

GOT7 is certainly having a banner year this year. In addition to their excellent Soompi Awards halftime results, the South Korean boy band — formed in 2014 by JYP Entertainment — is finally taking their brand of pop music to United States shores so that American fans can enjoy their unique brand of K-Pop.

According to K-Music, the #TurbulenceintheUSA tour will only have five stops — in Miami, D.C., Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles. Tickets are on sale until January 16.

In a statement to their fans, GOT7 said that while they would have loved to do more American dates, their schedules didn’t permit them.

“As much as we would like to, we will not be announcing additional shows for this tour due to many deciding factors. Thank you to everyone for the tremendous amount of support and interest you’ve shown for GOT7’s fanmeet tour in the USA. Even if it’s not this time, we look forward to seeing you all soon!”

What do you think of the Soompi Awards halftime results? Is your favorite band in the lead? Leave your thoughts about the results in the comments below.

[Featured Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]