Soompi Awards: K-Pop’s Awards Ceremony Pays Tribute To Best Fandom, Team Got7 In The Lead

The Soompi Awards are in full effect, and the Twitterverse is exploding with excitement as the noted K-Pop site’s fan-chosen awards are coming to the end of their voting cycle. Every year, Soompi honors the best in pop culture, and currently, the final hours of the site’s “Best Fandom” awards are coming to a close. So, according to the Soompi Awards, who has the best fandom?

According to the official website, Got 7 is in the lead for the Soompi Awards for Best Fandom. The Best Fandom award is determined by a Twitter battle: in the first round, participants are required to enter the hashtag #Team, followed by the name of the fandom they want to win. In this case, #TeamGOT7 is currently leading, as of this writing, with 3.44 million tweets in their favor. The Soompi Awards Best Fandom award is currently both a top trending topic in New York, and a top trending topic worldwide.

This news is a bit of disappointment for those on Team EXO and Team BTS. Even though these fandoms are putting up a good showing, they are still lagging behind the popular South Korean boy band. For what it’s worth, Team BTS has 3.41 million tweets in their favor, and Team EXO has 3.14 million tweets in their favor.

So, what do we know about Got7? If, indeed, the “Just Right” singers do take home the Soompi Awards for having the best fandom, it wouldn’t be the first time they’d have done so.

In fact, according to the official Soompi Awards Twitter, Got7 won the award, last year, for Best Fandom as well.

As their name, undoubtedly, indicates, Got7 is a boy band that’s comprised of seven members: JB, Mark, Jackson, Jinyoung (Junior), Youngjae, BamBam, and Yugyeom. They were formed back in 2014 by JYP Entertainment, and have enjoyed a huge spate of popularity since their inception.

Of course, it’s easy to see why this K-Pop group is so popular: they’re good-looking, talented, and obviously have one of the most loyal fanbases in K-Pop today!

BTS and EXO fans who will be disappointed if, in fact, their favorite K-Pop band doesn’t win at the Soompi Awards can take heart: there’s still a chance that some of their other favorites can win in other categories.

According to the official Soompi Awards site, voting is currently going on for a variety of different awards in the fields of both drama and music.

Fans of K-Pop can vote for their favorites in categories like Best Female and Male Solo, Best Female Group, and Best Male Group.

For what it’s worth, BTS, EXO, and Got7 are all up for the award for the Best Male Group, so K-Pop fans who are disappointed in their favorite group not winning the Best Fandom Twitter battle can, instead, put their energy to good use and get to voting for their favorite band at the official site.

Another category that is being heavily promoted is the award for the Best Female Solo.

Some of the many contenders for this prestigious award include Jimin, Tiffany, and Kim Na Yong. You can vote for that award on the official site, as well.

This year, the Soompi Awards are official partners with the American music channel Fuse, which is giving them added exposure in the American market.

[Featured Image by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]