Trump Twitter ‘Mistake’ Is Fake: Screenshot Of Deleted New Year’s Day Tweet Is A Hoax [Debunked]

President-elect Donald Trump can be seen in the above Associated Press photo from a Beijing public newspaper bulletin board, with the president-elect being hailed in a Chinese newspaper in a piece that proclaims “Trump uses fist to talk” on Tuesday, January 3. While that headline is real, other headlines about what Trump may have been tweeting on New Year’s Day are false.

The following photo gallery of Trump at Mar-a-Lago on New Year’s Eve displays what Trump was actually doing that night. Although Trump was on Twitter the following morning, Trump did not turn to Twitter to tweet and delete his regrets on winning the presidency in the middle of the night on New Year’s Day.

According to Snopes, there are screenshots being passed around Facebook and Twitter claiming that Trump tweeted his regrets on winning the presidency — along with claims that the president-elect quickly deleted his post confessing that it was a mistake to run for president. The so-called deleted tweet claimed that Trump bared his soul to his Twitter followers and the world on New Year’s Day — at 3:32 a.m. to be specific since Trump is known for tweeting in the middle of the night.

The fake Trump tweet claimed that although it was a big mistake for him to run for the presidency, he ultimately ran for the highest office in the nation because he loves power and being in control — as well as a big side dish of revenge. In grabbing towards reality with Trump’s infamous Billy Bush Access Hollywood tape leak, the fake tweet also claimed Trump confessed to his love of the female genitalia and that the president-elect claimed to be fearful of becoming President Trump.

The fake tweet even went so far as to claim that the business mogul wanted to quit being President-elect Donald Trump on New Year’s Day — even before he became President Trump on January 20. The publication reports the popularity of the fake Trump tweet being debunked; the Snopes article setting the record straight has been shared 1,500 times.

“Big mistake to run, but love power, revenge, p****. Scared, wanna quit. Can’t sleep. Been unloved my whole life. Cannot fix. #nye2016 #prostate”

As noted by the publication, the fake Trump tweet did not come with a date nor a time. The fake Trump tweet also did not purport to show the number of likes or retweets on Twitter that it claimed to have. The fake tweet being attributed to Trump came replete with hashtags that pointed toward New Year’s Eve of 2016, along with the word “prostate” for some reason. With Trump having a proclivity for using Twitter often to express his thoughts directly to the public, expect more fake Trump tweets to appear over coming years.

While those photos of Trump’s tweet are fake, the following photo gallery of Trump over the years is real.

Meanwhile, reactions to the fake Trump tweet — or to Trump’s Twitter account and actions in general — from social media users across Twitter and Facebook can be read below.

Sineta George: “Who saw this Twitter post? It was deleted.”

Mitchell F. Kaufman: “Is this what you’d call Presidential? Trump Twitter Archive: All 30,000+ of Trump’s tweets, instantly searchable.”

David Buyarsky shared a link to the group: Republican Hall Of Shame: “Only he knows when he will release his secret tweety information.”

: “I saw this presented as satire, not trying to be passed off as real. Obvious fake is obvious joke. How did anyone think it was real?”

: “And you have to add: It’s not possible to tweet the Tweet. It goes beyond the limit of Twitter (140 signs).”

[Featured Image by Andy Wong/AP Images]