Jennifer Lopez Flaunts Drake Love In Glittery Style Amid Rihanna’s Reported Shocking Reaction: Sham?


Jennifer Lopez and Drake have soared to the top of the Hot New Couple alerts list, with fans fascinated by just how quickly the two seem to have gone from pals to passion. But even as Jennifer and the rapper shared intimate photos on social media and were seen involved in what looks like a hot romance, there’s speculation swirling that it’s a “showmance” rather than a true romance. As for Drake’s ex-girlfriend Rihanna? She’s reportedly feeling upset by the situation, and it probably didn’t help that Drake threw some subtle shade at Rihanna as he was ringing in the New Year with Lopez.

For those who want the romance to be true, however, Jennifer Lopez fulfilled their wishes by confirming the romance over the New Year. Following their viral Christmas holiday cuddle photos, Jennifer seemed to confirm that she and Drake are the “real deal” by staying in Las Vegas to support him during his New Year’s Eve show, noted the Mirror.

Jennifer Lopez has been seen heating up her romance with Drake, but some think it's a sham.
Jennifer Lopez has been seen heating up her romance with Drake, but some think it's a sham. [Image by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

And if you’re Jennifer Lopez and you want to provide confirmation of a romance, why not do it in the most glittering style possible? That’s what happened as Jennifer was spotted proudly wearing Drake’s necklace.

Lopez, 47, was seen enjoying the New Year’s experience in a VIP area of the Hakkasan nightclub while the rapper entertained the crowd on stage. And when photos popped up on social media, fans noted that Jennifer was sporting Drake’s glittery gold chain.

Despite speculation that it was a sham, with rumors ranging from a publicity plan for a musical collaboration, a reality show, or even Drake’s targeting of Lopez as a way to get back at P Diddy, a source cited by the Mirror claimed it was “100 percent legit” rather than a showmance.

“[Drake’s and Jennifer Lopez’s romance is] not a professional ploy to promote any type of business like many are assuming.”

However, Rihanna, 28, reportedly has her own views on the new romance. The photos of the rapper, 30, and Jennifer “made Rihanna sick,” an insider told Hollywood Life. Rihanna allegedly felt so upset that “she wanted to throw her phone down three flights of stairs,” according to the source.

Drake gives Rihanna a kiss, but now she's reportedly upset about his romance with Jennifer Lopez.
Drake gives Rihanna a kiss, but now she's reportedly upset about his romance with Jennifer Lopez. [Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]

But the insider also dropped a bombshell about Rihanna’s reaction, claiming that the 28-year-old feels a sense of relief that Drake appears to have moved on with Jennifer.

“[Rihanna] is just glad it’s not her falling for this BS. Better J. Lo than her.”

Moreover, the source claimed that “the only thing Drake’s ever been good at is talking a good game and never following through.” When it comes to his relationship with Rihanna, the two have been involved in an on-again, off-again romantic relationship for years, but it repeatedly fizzled out.

Just in case Rihanna didn’t get the message, Drake chose New Year’s Eve to “air out his former flame Rihanna,” reported the Daily Beast.

During his performance at the New Year’s Eve event at the Vegas nightclub Hakkasan, the rapper had his DJ play the Rihanna song “Work,” famed as a hit collaboration between them. And that’s when he threw the shade.

“That was an old vibe.”

Drake then reportedly ordered the DJ to change the track.

But despite all these signs that the romance is real, from the rapper and Jennifer Lopez’s cute social media photos showing them together to the glittery gold chain that Lopez proudly flaunted, some still aren’t convinced. Music insiders cited by Page Six claim that her supposedly romantic relationship “seems about as authentic as her ‘Jenny From the Block’ act.”

The social media posts of Lopez and the 30-year-old canoodling were slammed as “somewhat deliberate, saccharine” ploys, resulting in accusations that it’s all a publicity stunt to hype their new record, according to the media outlet. One of the insiders summed up the skepticism.

“This relationship is fake, it is just a publicity stunt to publicize their record together.”

Moreover, claimed the source, if the two were actually dating, they would be “way more private about it.”

However, E! News offered a different interpretation of the maybe-it-is, maybe-it-isn’t romance between the rapper and Jennifer Lopez, noting that it seems to make “more sense” that the two are just hanging out because they’re collaborating musically, but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility of some flirty fun.

An insider told E! News that Lopez is “having fun” but does not view the rapper as a potentially “serious boyfriend.” The source also claimed that the relationship is not a sham done just to gain publicity.

[Featured Image by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images]