The Truth About Mariah Carey Is About To Be Revealed

It is the truth that Mariah Carey has been spotted, just days before her New Year’s Eve performance blunder, shopping at one of Aspen’s marijuana dispensaries. The diva was spotted on Christmas Eve along with her manager, Stella Bulochnikov, and her entourage while browsing through the Original Leaf marijuana dispensary in Aspen, Colorado. It is rumored that Mariah visited The Original Leaf on more than one occasion over the Christmas weekend. In truth, Mariah Carey made a concerted effort to dress up for this specific occasion, sporting a green ball gown, accessorized with sunglasses, sky high heels, a black and red checkered coat, and a black beanie. In true star style, the 47-year-old diva was seen leaving the store not carrying any bags; she did however have a smile and a wave at the ready for awaiting photographers.

The shop’s website stated that “The Original Leaf sets the standard for top quality freshness, texture, flavor, and variety.” Sources in Aspen told that the megastar chose a very popular Sativa strain, which goes by the name, Amafu. The diva’s choice of high priced pot is said to retail for a premium of around $400 an ounce. According the Original Leaf’s website, the strain is great for the great outdoors, and it has been told that Mariah Carey never breached the legal limit of one ounce per pot transaction.

Mariah Carey Truth
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“Our Naturally grown cannabis is produced without the standard array of potentially harmful, environmentally long lasting agricultural chemicals commonly used since the 1950’s. Yet organic farming isn’t primitive, it’s actually farming with our future at heart.”

The news of Mariah Carey’s pot purchase came amidst the news that she would be launching a full investigation into the New Year’s Eve performance that ended in absolute disaster, leading the multi-platinum recording artist to have an on-stage meltdown. Mariah suffered the on-stage meltdown when apparent technical glitches forced the star to deliver a botched lip-synching performance of her 1991 mega hit, “Emotions.” The headliner seemed to do more talking than actual singing to the New Year’s Eve revelers, talking over much of the pre-recorded singing that was missing her voice as lead vocals.

Mariah Carey On Bed
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Before storming off stage at the conclusion of her performance, she told the audience in New York that, “I want a holiday too, can’t I just have one?” The American chart topper believes that foul play was involved in her disastrous New Year’s Eve performance, and she vowed to get the bottom of what happened. 2017 did, however, see Mariah ring in the New Year, singing “Auld Lang Syne” to New Year’s Eve celebrators in Time Square. Mariah has launched her own investigation into the botched performance, and she has accused Dick Clark Productions, who were the people responsible for the New Year’s Eve performance, of sabotage. A claim that the company has pushed aside and labeled as “silly.”

“Mariah is fuming and has been left very upset for the past couple of days. She won’t let this go and believes somebody tried to sabotage her. She is launching her own investigation into the incident.”

It has been questioned whether or not Mariah’s high priced pot had something to do with her dire performance on New Year’s Eve, which may also be the reason for the diva’s initially chilled response to the whole New Year’s Eve debacle. During her performance, Mariah seemed to miss ques and after a while, she seemed to just give up. Was it Mariah Carey’s pot that caused the hit maker’s poor onstage performance, or is it simply Mariah Carey’s truth that she just needs a holiday?

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