Clinton News Update: Hillary’s Scandals Outweighed Trump’s On Twitter In 2016

In Clinton news it seems that Twitter was one of the biggest factors in her defeat in the 2016 US Presidential Elections.

Hillary Clinton’s defeat in the 2016 US Presidential Elections came about due to several factors.

Some say it was due to her longtime association with Washington and that most Americans are looking for an outsider who hasn’t been corrupted by the politics of the nation’s capital.

Some say that it’s her lack of responsibility or inability to follow proper protocol when news of her using a private email server to handle sensitive and confidential files came to light.

And there are those who still don’t believe that Hillary Clinton has the experience to navigate the political arena of the president despite the fact that she’s the most qualified person among the presidential candidates to take on the highest position in the nation.

In a Clinton news update there may be several factors that led to her defeat in the 2016 US Presidential Elections and until now experts are still looking into what really contributed to her loss.

But according to some a social media outlet might have been the biggest factor in Clinton’s shocking defeat.

According to the Huffington Post, Twitter may have played a huge part in undermining Hillary Clinton’s run for presidency last year when it was discovered that her scandals gained more coverage in the social media outlet than Donald Trump’s.

Donald Trump

Trump’s scandals, which were plenty, may have taken center stage in the media for most of the 2016 presidential campaign but on Twitter the people were more focused on Hillary’s gaffes.

In Clinton news, a study done by Echelon Insights showed that Hillary’s scandals dominated the discussions on Twitter more than Trump’s public gaffes.

Two of the most discussed scandals of Hillary on Twitter were her email scandals and the WikiLeaks releases.

During her time as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton used a private email server to send and receive confidential emails, which weren’t proper protocol. Her email scandal was often discussed on Twitter with users citing her irresponsibility, which could have been detrimental to her presidential campaign.

The WikiLeaks releases, which showed that Clinton and the Democrats were trying to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign, also contributed to Hillary’s demise in the presidential elections. And it also garnered significant coverage on Twitter more so than Trump’s scandals.

Echelon Insights’ study featured data coming from two billion Twitter messages that focused on major political news in 2016 and in their findings it showed that though Trump was mentioned more times compared to Clinton the latter’s scandals were discussed more often and in greater detail.

According to Echelon’s study over 33 million tweets focused on Hillary’s scandals, which were six times more than Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” scandal.

Clinton’s private email server scandal was mentioned 21 million times on Twitter clearly indicating that no matter how controversial Trump’s scandals were in 2016 most of the people on social media were more focused on Hillary’s wrongdoings.

To give the people some perspective, Trump’s scandal with Billy Bush only got 5.2 million tweets.

Trump often spewed racist remarks in his campaign last year but it was Clinton’s statements that got more attention.

According to the Huffington Post, Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” remark almost reached six million tweets. In Echelon Insight’s chart Clinton’s remark about Trump’s supporters garnered 5,989,433 tweets while the so-called Trump tapes only got 5,212,502 tweets.

Hillary Clinton

But despite the glaring disparity in the coverage between Clinton and Trump on Twitter some people are still not inclined to say that it led to Hillary’s defeat in the elections.

Huffington Post says that the number of tweets on Hillary Clinton’s scandals do indicate that people are much more focused on her stories than on Trump’s but it does not necessarily mean that their messages are of a negative tone.

It only means that a lot of people were far more interested in Clinton’s scandals than on Trump’s.

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