Javi Marroquin Single Again, Possible Reconciliation With Kailyn Lowry On The Horizon

Javi Marroquin fought hard for his marriage to Kailyn Lowry. Last season on Teen Mom 2, their marital issues came to a head, and when he returned from being deployed in Qatar, Lowry told him she wanted a divorce. Rumors of dating other people have run rampant, but Marroquin was the only one to confirm he was in a new relationship. He went public with Cassie Bucka back in November and things seemed to be going really well.

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Teen Mom 2 fans were crushed to learn that Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry were splitting up after watching their fairy tale come true on the show. He was seen around town with Cassie Bucka but didn’t confirm he was actually getting serious with her until almost two months ago. According to Radar Online, Javi Marroquin is officially single again. He confirmed that he and Bucka have called it quits. While there weren’t many details shared, it appeared to boil down to her having trust issues.

As Teen Mom 2 is airing now, watching the interaction between Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry is heartbreaking. The season premiere just aired Monday night and he was still deployed during it. The previews indicate that when Marroquin returns home, things get incredibly tense. He has been doing his best to co-parent Lincoln with Lowry, even allowing him to meet Cassie Bucka and spend time with her. Marroquin did mention that Lincoln has already asked where she is amid the split. The toddler has watched his mom and dad break up, and now, he will be missing Bucka too.

Rumors have been swirling about a possible reconciliation between Javi Marroquin and Kailyn Lowry. This is highly unlikely but would make for another addition to what was already one of the best Teen Mom fairy tales. She was pretty clear that she was over her marriage when Lowry attended the reunion last season. There was an admission that she reconsidered her feeling during the season premiere but once Marroquin returns home, things change dramatically. Lowry learned how to live without him during his deployment, and now, she isn’t keen on taking him back.

From what has been revealed by Javi Marroquin, it looks like Cassie Bucka broke up with him. He talked about how lucky the guy who ends up with her will be and hinted that he was disappointed it was not him. The pictures they shared on social media depicted a happy relationship and Javi believes it may have been too much too fast. There was mention that she had dealt with her heart being broken prior to him and she was concerned it would happen again. Aside from that, walking into a relationship with someone who is a reality star and films a lot may have also affected her. This life has caused a lot of relationships to end in the franchise and Marroquin and Bucka could be a casualty as well.

The fact that Javi Marroquin is a single man again has some fans excited. He is one of the more desirable men in the franchise. Javi works hard for his family, and while he has his flaws, there isn’t too much to complain about when it comes to him. His peers have been in trouble for way more than he has and he makes Teen Mom 2 filming look like a walk in the park. The news of his relationship ending with Cassie Bucka is sad but it gives way to a glimmer of hope that he could possibly reconcile with Kailyn Lowry, the mother of his son. Javi Marroquin fought hard for his marriage, and when it was over, it took a lot for him to pick up the pieces and begin dating again.

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