Rita Ora’s Money Woes: Singer Loses Money In Fraud And Investments

Rita Ora is experiencing some money problems. The British pop star has reportedly wasted her money on investments and alleged fraud. Rita recently admitted that she would have hoped to revolutionized outdoor music festivals by releasing a new device, which would help women urinate standing up so they wouldn’t have to lose their place in front of the stage.

But, unfortunately for Ora, the project didn’t work out, leading the singer to describe it as one of the “worst” investments she ever made, according to her latest interview with Britain’s the Sun.

“It let you wee on the spot so you don’t lose your spot after waiting for live five hours. It fell through and it looked weird and I thought, ‘I can’t be bothered to do this, you know what, just wee on the floor.’ That is one of my worst investments. When women need to go we need to go, guys don’t have that problem when you need to go you just post up on the corner and let it go.”

The 26-year-old is an active participant at music festivals. She appeared at both V Festival and Wireless over the summer. Rita also attended Glastonbury Festival last year, although she didn’t perform. These days, Rita has been devoted to her film career with her upcoming acting credits in Fifty Shades Darker and her new role as host and judge of America’s Next Top Model.

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The Sun reported last month that Ora had “hundreds of thousands” missing after an alleged £2.3million fraud by an account who “lived like a Saudi prince.” Fraud police are currently investigating claims that the money was channeled from a company in which the singer had invested. Northampton police confirmed that a 35-year-old man was arrested and bailed as part of the ongoing investigation, reports Hello Magazine.

Neighbors of the suspect claimed he bought several luxury vehicles including an Audi Q5 and Mercedes-Benz, as well as a £20,000 Rolex. Authorities are currently investigating as to how he could afford his lavish lifestyle, including a £900,000 five-bedroom house located in the South East, despite his surprisingly modest income. He is said to have won the cash while gambling online.

“Rita is one of several investors who it is suspected could have collectively lost £2.3million. She has all sorts of companies and investments within fashion and music, as well as businesses in the US and Asia, so it is a complicated ordeal sifting through missing funds.”

Her lawyer Graham Shear has confirmed her involvement in the case, which occurred in the past few weeks.

“One of the companies in which she has an interest is a potential victim of fraud. Any loss suffered by the company in which Ms. Ora has an interest will be recoverable from insurance policies which protect against this sort of professional misappropriation, fraud and other claims.”

Last year, a burglar was found guilty of stealing £200,000 worth of items from Ora’s London home. Her jewelry, phone, handbags, and other items were stolen when two men broke into her house while she and her sister Elena slept upstairs. One of the men, Charaf Elmoudden, was sentenced to five years in jail back in June.

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The singer and actress is said to be worth well over £10 million, thanks to her endorsements with Adidas, DKNY, and Tezenis. Ora is also said to have received £1.5million for working as a judge on The X Factor UK. It is not said what she will make from her new gig on America’s Next Top Model, having taken over from supermodel Tyra Banks. Ora previously told Paper Magazine that she took the initiative and applied for Banks’ job herself.

[Featured image by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for iHeart]