Google Wallet Introducing Physical Card For Account Aggregation

Google is about to take its NFC-based Google Wallet program to the next level. The company is preparing to offer a “Google Wallet Card” that links all of a customer’s physical credit cards to one card account.

The Google Wallet card automatically attaches to any cards already attached to the user’s Google Wallet app, setting a “main” card for immediate purchases.

Images for the app were revealed on Thursday by Android Police. According to a Google insider, the card will work like a regular credit card and be tied to the user’s default Google Wallet credit card when used with credit card machines. If a user wants to change which card is used with each transaction, they can simply log into their Google Android app and quickly switch the default app.

Users who want a Google Wallet credit card app will be able to request a physical card directly through the application. After users request the card, Google will send an email in which the user must confirm their address.

The newest version of Google Wallet will also support iOS systems even though Apple has yet to adapt its hardware and software to be used with NFC-based technology. iOS app users can however deposit and withdraw money with their Google Wallet app.


Google Wallet has witnessed a 100 percent increase in users since allowing customers to add their credit and debit cards to their accounts.

Google Wallet is facing growing competition from the likes of PayPal, ISIS, and other systems. In fact, Google Wallet cannot be used on Verizon Wireless based Android smartphones because of Verizon’s investment in the ISIS system.

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