Karlie Kloss Shares Her Diet And Fitness Regimen For The New Year

There is no denying that Karlie Kloss is one of the fittest supermodels around. She got to walk again in the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion. She’s always sharing her healthy eating habits and workouts on social media.

Fans can now learn how they can eat and train like Karlie Kloss. Her supermodel career and lifestyle business has made her busier than the rest of us. Kloss has to learn how to discipline herself to eat healthy while she’s traveling and on the run. In time for the new year, Teen Vogue has given readers a glimpse into Kloss’ daily diet.

karlie kloss face of adidas
[Image by Brad Barket/Getty Images for adidas]

She likes to start her day with whole grain bread topped with bananas, avocados, honey, or almond butter. Sometimes Karlie will make three-ingredient pancakes for those days when she’s having a sweet tooth. Luckily, it only takes 15 minutes to make and it’s created by Karlie herself.

When it comes to lunch, Kloss will opt for a salad and smoothie since she’s still full from her nutritious breakfast. If you didn’t have any avocados or fruit for breakfast, then you may want to include some with your lunch.

Karlie’s light lunch leaves her plenty of room for healthy snacking throughout the day. She likes to carry fruits like apples, bananas, or even yogurt to keep up her energy and to combat cravings. Karlie also has her own line of cookies and other baked goods.

When dinner time rolls around, the model loves to eat salmon with vegetables and fruits on the side. Yes, even Kloss makes room for dessert. Kloss has her own line of healthy cookies with chef Christina Tosi, which include gluten-free ingredients. Also, the portion of the proceeds go to Cookie for Kid’s Cancer so not only do you help your new diet, but you’re helping a great cause as well. Kloss likes to take two of her cookies and make her own ice-cream sandwich in between them.

And it’s just been announced that the 24-year-old is new the face of Adidas Women’s Training. Karlie appears makeup-free in the ads as she stretches and shows off her incredibly toned physique in a bright pink sports bra and matching color block leggings. Also, Karlie is also the face of Stella McCartney Adidas collection, reports Hollywood Life.

More photos of the model have emerged in a report published in the Daily Mail. Kloss is serious about her workout by going makeup-free and wearing a high ponytail in a series of new shots that show her in mid-workout. She’s seen stretching, walking, and running down the street. Kloss also spoke to the Daily Mail about her new campaign and her 2017 fitness goals, stating that she likes to mix it up.

“In a way, I chase myself and the best version that I can be. My goals are to never stop challenging myself in all aspects of my life. Whether I’m at the gym, in a classroom, or on set – I’m never done.”

“With my workouts, I don’t focus on specific numbers. Instead, I focus on ways to stay active and mix up my routine throughout the week, especially if my schedule is unpredictable.”

When Karlie has to travel, she will still bring her workout gear with her so she can get a quick workout in at the hotel gym or inside her hotel room.

“If I’m travelling or have full days at work, I always bring my workout gear with me, so when things don’t go as planned, I can always get a good sweat in at the end of the day.”

Vogue caught Kloss in the middle of her Australian getaway last week. She took to Instagram to post a #fitnessfriday video of herself boxing near the Sydney waters. Kloss has become inspiring for her fans who want to get fit and healthy for the new year.

[Featured Image by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]