ABC’s ‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Spoilers: Nick Viall’s Relationship With His Final Rose Recipient Is A Bit Rocky, Reality Steve Teases

It is time for ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 to begin and Nick Viall is back for his fourth stint with the franchise to look for love and hand out roses. Gossip guru Reality Steve is dishing out spoilers, and he has already revealed the woman who reportedly gets the final rose in Season 21. As the action kicks into gear, fans will surely be wondering if Nick and his gal are still together and happy. What’s the status of the couple according to the latest buzz?

According to Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, Nick Viall does get engaged during his final rose ceremony in Finland. Per an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Nick confirms that he does find love during this journey. Usually, the lead plays coy on this front until closer to the finale, but this time around, the series and lead are throwing it right out there that there is a happy ending in the finale. Does that mean that wedding bells are on the horizon?

Is Nick happy with his 'Bachelor' pick? [Image by Matt Sayles/Invision for Just Jared/AP Images]

The gossip guru recent answered some follower questions via Twitter, and he naturally got some questions about the status of Viall’s relationship with his final rose recipient. His Bachelor spoilers hint that there may be trouble brewing between Nick and his lady already, as Reality Steve says that he has heard a few things about how the relationship is going and what he is hearing is not good.

Additional spoilers via Reality Steve’s tweets indicated that he doesn’t think there is any chance that Viall’s engagement will last, although some can rightly point out that he says that about nearly every Bachelor franchise couple. He also added that while he’s not hearing great things about how this relationship is going now, he doesn’t think that any social media drama is having an impact and he admits that Viall and his final rose pick are together for now and everybody will have to wait and see where things head.

In his latest Bachelor spoilers, Reality Steve blogged that based on what he is hearing so far, a major issue for Nick and his lady may be that they are at fairly different points in their lives. Also, there is a significant geography issue in play for the pair, and while many couples from the franchise face that, it seems that the fact that Viall lives in Los Angeles these days and his final rose lady lives quite a bit north is causing some challenges. Not only is geography an issue, but Nick’s priorities in his life and what his gal is doing with her life may not mesh all that well from the sounds of things.

Nick Viall is back for his fourth stint looking for love via the 'Bachelor' franchise [Image by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]

The blogger teases Bachelor spoilers that Viall’s gal seemingly is not necessarily interested in moving away from where she lives, and there really is no chance at all that Nick will be willing to relocate to where she is. If that pans out to be true, it sounds as if this could end up being a pretty short-lived relationship. However, the finale does not air until March, and there is plenty of time for Viall and his gal to work through these supposed issues during their safe house visits.

Will this fourth time looking for love within the franchise finally do the trick for Nick or is this new romance destined to fail as well? People are definitely buzzing about what lies ahead in Season 21, and it all begins Monday, January 2 as Viall meets all of the ladies angling to score his final rose.

Tune into ABC’s The Bachelor 2017 season featuring Nick Viall to see if the spoilers about his final rose pick are right. Then stay tuned for additional tidbits leading up to the spring finale to see if the couple can manage to work through their apparent challenges and stick together long enough to tie the knot.

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