Does Mariah Brown Have A Girlfriend? ‘Sister Wives’ Star Announces She’s Gay, Spends New Year’s In Ireland

Does Mariah Brown have a girlfriend?

The reality star celebrated New Year’s with her brother Logan and his girlfriend, Michelle, in Dublin, Ireland, just a day before she came out as gay officially on the Jan. 1 episode of Sister Wives. However, Mariah didn’t mention whether or not she spent the weekend with a significant other.

According to Starcasm, the aforementioned episode of the popular show ended with Mariah calling all of the adults into the same room at Christine’s home for a big announcement.

Once everyone is all together, Mariah tells them that she’s gay.

“The adults meet in Christine’s ‘library,’ the same room in which Maddie and Mykelti announced they were getting married. They begin to question if Mariah’s announcement has to do with her college career. Kody and his wives grow more and more anxious as Mariah fights to keep her composure. She’s obviously excited yet nervous as she can be seen checking her pulse. ‘Okay, um…’ she begins, ‘I’m gay!'”

Mariah Brown hasn’t mentioned a girlfriend just yet, but she has received amazing support on social media following this episode of Sister Wives. In fact, Mariah took to Twitter to show her appreciation and gratitude for all of the kind messages that she has been receiving. While her family was shocked by the news, things seem to be falling into place for Mariah, and she seems more than relieved to have been able to share this with her loved ones — and with the rest of the watching world.


Although Mariah Brown hasn’t introduced a girlfriend to her family just yet, she has told them that she is gay, which left them all shocked. It seems as though things on Sister Wives might get a little awkward before settling down. Of course, it is presumed that things have settled down for the Brown family since Mariah’s big announcement (keep in mind that the show was taped several months ago), but on the next episode of the show, Kody and Christine will face this news head on.

In the preview for next week’s episode, Kody, Robyn, and Christine are seen sitting down to discuss Mariah’s big announcement.

“They agree they were blindsided by the announcement. Meri begins to cry while she questions Robyn’s support and excitement. Kody clarifies, ‘We’re not happy Mariah’s gay; we’re happy Mariah knows herself.’The preview clip continues with Meri admitting, ‘I thought I knew my daughter. I didn’t.'”

If Mariah Brown has a girlfriend, she may decide to introduce her to the rest of the family in 2017 — maybe on an upcoming episode of Sister Wives. Clearly, that would make for great ratings, don’t you think?

And while the Brown family may have been shocked to hear that Mariah Brown is gay, they do seem to be completely supportive. In fact, as The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, Christine has been a supporter of gay marriage for many years.

“I think we should be able to marry who we love. As a Christian, I believe it is my duty, responsibility and desire to love everybody regardless of their choices. I don’t know how I could raise my children in this world without raising them open-minded and if I want my children to be open-minded, then I have to be open-minded as well,” Christine said back in 2012.

Fans hope that Mariah Brown finds a nice girlfriend when she is ready to get into a relationship. Many hope to see something blossom between Mariah and a partner shortly.

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