Watch ‘The Mick’ Pilot, Full Episode On Demand, How To Live Stream Tuesdays On Fox [Video]


Fox kicked off the New Year with a special presentation of their new show The Mick. The pilot aired after the NFL doubleheader game coverage and the OT, with encore episodes for Mountain and Pacific time zones. If you missed the pilot on New Year’s, you can watch the full episode on demand at FoxNow and through Yahoo View.

Update! The second episode of The Mick is now available for free, on demand. You may watch Season 1, Episode 2 “The Grandparents” below.

Although The Mick aired on Sunday night as part of the New Year’s Day lineup, the show regularly airs on Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET. Those who want to watch The Mick streaming live online can do so at Fox Live. Check out the video below to watch the full episode of The Mick in the video below. Check out the videos above for a deeper look at The Mick and what’s in store this season.

New Girl returns to Fox for its midseason premiere at a new time and day on Tuesday, January 3 at 8 p.m. ET. The Mick follows at 8:30 p.m. ET. You can live stream both New Girl and The Mick on Fox Live and wait for both episodes to be added to the Fox Now on-demand lineup.

With more options for watching TV shows live streaming and online, some are questioning whether they should have a cable or satellite subscription. Even though channels like Fox air over broadcast networks and can be picked up for free with an inexpensive digital antenna, there are many advantages to having a cable or satellite television provider. With a subscription, you can easily watch channels streaming live online and have greater access to shows the day after they air as opposed to a week after. Some providers simply don’t make their on-demand programs free, regardless of how long it has been since they aired. Those who want to watch Fox shows like New Girl and The Mick streaming live online will find having a television subscription has advantages.

The Mick is off to a fairly good start with a current IMDB rating of 6.9. This is not a show for conservative folks; some have pointed out through social media networks that they don’t approve of a show that promotes drinking in any manner. Fox has always brought comedic programs with crass humor that rewrite the stereotypical nuclear family, beginning with Married with Children back when The Cosby Show was at its pinnacle success. It shouldn’t be a surprise that The Mick showcases family life in a non-conventional and crass way. But with shows like Shameless redefining the way America (and the U.K.) views the modern family, there is a large audience for shows that stray far from Victorian-era parenting styles. The days of I Love Lucy are long gone, and for those who appreciate in-your-face storylines and plots, The Mick is sure to please. The Mick even has a red band trailer. You may watch that video below.

Here is the description of The Mick as released by Fox.

THE MICK follows MACKENZIE, aka “MICKEY” (Kaitlin Olson, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia), a brash, two-bit hustler from Rhode Island who must assume guardianship of her sister’s three high-maintenance children. As irresponsible as Mickey has been her entire life, she may discover that responsibility isn’t the buzzkill she always thought it would be. The series also stars Sofia Black D’Elia (The Night Of), Thomas Barbusca (Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life), newcomer Jack Stanton, Carla Jimenez (Last Man Standing) and newcomer Scott MacArthur.”

At its core, The Mick is a story about how love and responsibility will change a person and force them to grow up. When Mackenzie “Mickey” becomes guardian to her niece and nephews, she is faced with the harsh reality that she needs to whip these kids into shape even though she’s a wreck. The Mick should resonate with many, because even though the story is taken to extremes, many viewers can identify with being thrust into parenthood before being emotionally or financially ready. Yes, there is brass humor and many mishaps, but Mickey has a good heart and a strong head on her shoulders. Many fans will want to take the journey as she leads the kids into adulthood.

The Mick is getting plenty of positive feedback on social media. You can follow The Mick on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Did you watch The Mick’s New Year’s Day pilot? Are you going to watch the next episode “The Grandparents” on January 3? Will you watch The Mick on TV, streaming live online, or on demand? What are your thoughts on The Mick’s plot and pilot? Feel free to leave your comments and opinions below.

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