Kim Kardashian’s Catwoman Costume Is … Well, Have A Look [Photos]

Halloween watch with the Kardashian clan wrapped last night with skin-tight Batman-themed costumes. Once again, it was Kim who stole the show with a Catwoman costume sure to please any skeptical fanboy.

Kim stepped out with Kanye West and the rest of her family last night, appearing at Miami Beach’s Club LIV for Halloween. Kanye did his best in an unusually baggy Batman getup (his mouth covered), but no one paid him any attention anyway. All eyes were on Kim and her skin-tight Catwoman costume.

Nerd notes: Fans will recognize Kim Kardashian’s Catwoman costume from Batman Returns, favoring the Michelle Pfeiffer look over the Halle Berry or the Anne Hathaway. Yeezy’s Batman was the Batman Begins look, though we’ve seen his costume online (it’s expensive), and we don’t really understand why he didn’t spring for a better mask.

Oh, maybe because of the gold Lamborghini they pulled up in. Not exactly a Batmobile, but it sure looks expensive.

Kourtney Kardashian tagged along in a Batman & Robin style Batgirl costume, while her partner Scott Disick dressed up as Patrick Bateman in a Robin costume. Friend Jonathan Cheban dressed up as The Riddler from Batman Forever.


Well, I could hardly wait either, Kim! Honestly, what more can be said about Kim K’s Catwoman costume? Kardashian clan-fan or not, this was one sexy and unforgettable look. Here’s a gallery; let us know what you think: