‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ 1.6 Update: Review Of Last Stand Datamine Leak Reveals PvP Control Points, Dark Zone Gameplay Events, And Leaderboard Checkpoints [Rumors]

Tom Clancy’s The Division Last Stand 1.6 update is highly anticipated, and there has been information from a recent data mine extracted from the game files regarding a review of gameplay formats. A Reddit user posted a lengthy list of data he had spotted in the game’s files. What’s interesting about the leak is that it appears to be what could be text/voice lines that are so often delivered via the ISAC computer.


Last month, Massive decided to focus 1.6 more on PvP gameplay and a better-balanced Dark Zone environment. That said, the aforementioned text lines seem to have popped up in the extracted data. For instance, there’s a hint of dialogue like, “50% match complete,” Just 30 seconds left!,” and “1 minute remaining.” Could this be indicative of ISAC calling out time sensitive elements of game matches?

There also had been dialogue in The Division leak that hints at a possible game mode regarding control points during matches. For instance, there had been references made to certain areas of the game like “Alpha,” “Bravo,” and “Charlie” zones that seem indicative of a capture-the-flag scenario often found in other multiplayer shooters.

Will there even be load outs?

Although this type of game mode, should it occur in Tom Clancy’s The Division, would be the same as other FPS games, it would be interesting to see how it translates in this particular MMO.

Another stand-out piece of dialogue that would make it hard to predict where Massive is going with all this is a reference made to rogue agents gaining control over “Zone Alpha.” One can only imagine what this means. Could the PvP control points be in the Dark Zone? Would those that disavow The Division be a selectable team before the match begins, or would Massive throw in a twist, allowing you to choose a team first and then disavow their mates when the match starts?

Even experienced YouTuber and Division fan Skill Up thinks that The Last Stand 1.6 DLC could focus in on PvP matches that specifically rely on objective/control areas during matches, and this could be something for Tom Clancy fans to look forward to.

Dark Zone Leaderboards

Another indicator in the datamined content is that of leaderboards. Now this is something that had already been revealed via the latest “State of the Game” that there will be such boards, but the leaked congratulatory dialogue contained something in regards to completing “weekly/monthly dz leaderboard activity” which then proceeded to direct the agent where to pick up their reward.

There seem to be rewards given to those who wind up in first, second, and third place on the leaderboard at the conclusion of the week/month. On top of that, there was mention of certain tiers that correspond with the leaderboard rewards in regards to the Dark Zone.

The really interesting part is this leaked information regarding the reward scaling to the corresponding Division character in 1.6.

“The contents of the Dark Zone activity leaderboard sealed containers, awarded at the end of each activity period, are scaled to the character that opens the container.”

That said, it seems obvious there will be sealed containers at the Rewards Claims vendor. However, the clarity of what they contain is anybody’s guess. Since they mentioned how they’ll be “scaled” to the character, how will they be scaled? Will the container suit the build the character is currently wearing?

There are also certain Dark Zone checkpoints suggested by The Division Last Stand datamine leak that there will be areas in that zone where you check a terminal to find out where you currently stand on the leaderboard.

Dark Zone Contamination Events

The Division 1.6 also looks like they’ll have their own events regarding contamination areas below the streets. The description of “Named Heavy Cleaners” was mentioned. This seems to describe something along the lines of supply drops, but the event is happening underground instead.


“Throughout a Contamination Event contamination zones below street level in the Dark Zone rise to deadly levels. Be on the lookout for Named Heavy Cleaners moving in to burn out the Contamination.”

The Division Last Stand 1.6 update data leak information can only be taken with a grain of salt, but Skill Up seems pretty adamant about how close he is on his speculation.

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