‘Tom Clancy’s The Division’ 1.6 Update/Patch Focuses On PvP, Dark Zone Gameplay, And Bugs Review — New Elite Task Force Recruitment Wave

Tom Clancy’s The Division State of the Game news announced a 1.6 update regarding PvP and Dark Zone gameplay, according to VG 24/7. Also PC players can expect a patch next week regarding current bugs and issues. Massive’s Yannick Banchereau spoke with community developer Hamish Bode and there looks to be pretty fun and resolving items to look forward to when it comes to the 1.6 patch as well as next week’s update.

The Division Bugs Review, Solution Next Week

Here is a review regarding the update for PC users which cover a few issues such as the Larae Barrett encounter. For one is the balcony bug as well as certain bonuses not appearing along with Barrett’s chest piece drop. There are also some CPU performance issues that’ll be resolved, too. This situation would cause a loss of control of your character for a few seconds. The update was said to cover bugs that developed by the way of high CPU usage.

If a controller is used, the game crashes, so that should be resolved as well. There’s several other issues that weren’t discussed on the State of the Game but will also be fixed next week. DirectX 12 will also be activated for The Division which will resolve performance issues when graphics are run at a higher resolution. This means if you’re playing it at 4K, you should get better performance utilizing DirectX 12.

Also, Banchereau addressed a healing delay issue regarding Tom Clancy’s The Division gameplay and asked for player feedback if other variants of healing issues are apparent. He also said to include some video capture of your agent in action regarding this bug. That said, there will be some follow-up on that.

They had mentioned they’d have a more complete list of details next week. There is no ETA on the update as of yet.


A significant miscommunication was addressed regarding a bug for The Division game when it comes to utilizing the FAMAS weapon with the Alpha Bridge build. Hamish explained if this is being used with another FAMAS or assault rifle and you’re shooting with the FAMAS while the secondary weapon has stability and accuracy mods equipped, those will impact the Uncomplicated talent of the utilized FAMAS weapon. Some players thought it was the other way around.

This miscommunication with this bug is seen in the State of the Game video.


Elite Task Force Is Growing

During The Division game’s 1.4 patch, there was a recruitment of gamers that would come over to the studios to partake in a review and evaluation of the Tom Clancy game. Certain “workshops and discussions” were set up to help make the game highly desirable. Now Massive will be doing this yet again. This time there will be a focus on The Division 1.6 update.

Also The Elite Task Force will be honing in on PvP gameplay and the Dark Zone. The subject of PvP balancing came up. The State of the Game also clarified there isn’t nor wasn’t any PC bias as they will be desiring players from all platforms for this effort.

The Division Elite Task Force recruitment days will fall from Jan. 11 to Jan. 13 next year, and they’ll be looking for around 15 players to bring aboard. This time it won’t be at the Massive location in Malmo, Sweden, but with their sister studios, Redstorm, in North Carolina because the venue specializes in the Dark Zone and PvP.

Massive Studios will cover travel accommodations such as flights and lodgings. Be sure to have a valid passport as well. This could mean that the link to sign up for the Elite Task Force could become available soon because they said they’d like to do this before the holidays.

Tom Clancy’s The Division is showing some great pride in their work by accepting feedback from their players on all platforms of gameplay, and that’s a good thing. So hopefully the Elite Task Force will be proud in taking on the job of reviewing the 1.6 update, PvP, and Dark Zone gameplay.

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